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Dr. Thomas Souza and Chiropractic Technique

Dr. Thomas Souza and Chiropractic Technique

One of the things that many of us focused
on when we were coming to this college is the whole aspect of being practical. When
we went through our education often times we would learn how to do things but only in
kind of a preliminary way and then eventually learned to do those things in clinic, so our
focus was to stick all the practical parts of the program as early as possible and so
we started even in first quarter having students practice with palpation. In third quarter
they start to actually learn full spine adjustive maneuvers as a core set of techniques. As
they progress through the curriculum they practice both on each other and eventually
on outpatients as they get into the clinic system. We think the focus for students should
be learning a core set of techniques and so we have set up our program in two different
ways. The first is that the students learn a set of techniques in a generic way so we
have Diversified, Gonstead and a number of other techniques that are commonly used by
chiropractors in practice. We focus on those in these regionally based classes so we will
focus on the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine. As they learn these
techniques, they get more confident with just the application of motor skills, the idea
of having to adjust someone and the speed that is necessary to do that. During the program,
students have the option of learning elective techniques. These techniques are in addition
to the ones that we teach in the core curriculum. These are augmented by student clubs and so
if you are particularly interested in a technique like Activator, Gonstead, numbers of other
techniques that students can work on the preliminary part of it, the pose-ology as we would call
it, the set-ups for these adjustments and learn the basic approach to the analysis that
is used in a lot of these technique programs. By the time you get to clinic you have the
option of having taken electives. These electives are preparatory for the clinic so that when
you learn a technique like Activator, SOT, Gonstead that when you enter the clinic, those
techniques are actually allowed so that under the supervision of a clinician you can apply
those to patients. So we try to approach it from three or four different angles, we approach
it from the angle of, we want you to know the techniques that all chiropractors use
in practice, we want you to know the techniques you’re interested in and we want you to
have both the information in the classroom setting, practice it all the way through your
education from third quarter all the way through the clinic and then under the supervision
of a clinician, who is usually well versed in all these techniques, supervise your application
of that on outpatients.

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