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Dry Cupping Advice and Information from massage therapist Pat Lally

ever wondered what one of these are this
is a dry cup and it’s used for a technique or an approach called dry
cupping which can treat tension, stress anxiety, tight muscles and knots and
ultimately it releasing the tension and getting rid of the knots in your in your
body creating a greater range of motion which keeps your muscles nice and smooth
and relaxed and a lot more supple making you feel a whole lot better.
do you have a bad ache or pain in your body or maybe just overall tightness in
your legs in your back maybe you feel agitated or restless
maybe you feel anxious with stress. Hi I’m Pat and in this video I’m going to share
with you the benefits of dry cupping massage and what it basically could
treat and what it can do for you so in a moment you’re going to see one of these
in action and today we’re going to work on the leg and the hamstrings and we’re
also going to work on the calf and try and tackle those issues those same
issues that we could could be causing you problems in your everyday life so
right now we’re warming up the area of the hamstrings there’s some nice
circulation and now ready for the cups to be placed. Dry fixed cupping is a
process in which a plastic cup is placed over the target area and creates
a vacuum which lifts the soft tissue and creates a mild stretch in the muscle in
this case it’s going to be the hamstring as you can see it’s nice and fixed it’s
nice of the firm at the moment so it’s got to work a little bit around that
area as you can see it’s going nice and pink that’s the blood being drawn
to the surface which is a very good sign so like I said it’s key and drawing
stagnant blood flow to the surface and it’s improving the circulation is
breaking down any scar tissue that may have been formed and it increases the
anti inflammatory chemicals within the body especially like I said this area
that that we’re working on so we’re just going to release we’re not going to
leave it on too long it’s great a nice release there we go as you can see it
leaves tiny marks but over the next couple of days that could bruise
slightly but that depends the darker it is that this depends on the severity of
your of your injury no we’re just going to work another part of the hamstring
group and give the previous area that we just worked on some more attention is
we’re gonna work a little bit on the gliding and the moving of of the cups so
gliding or it could also be known as moving cupping relieves pain is it’s
very similar to a massage and it’s basically softens the muscle tissue and helps
to release any knots or adhesions as you see that’s a nice glide going all the
way down oh and then it sometimes pops off which in not entirely a bad thing and as you can see there’s still a
couple of little pink marks but there’s nothing to worry about it may bruise in
the following days but that’s completely natural so we’ve just basically gone
through some light work on the hamstrings and on the calf as well so that’s
basically what dry cupping and a massage entails. So you
get the massage in with the dry cupping so both have benefits but both them
together absolutely amazing each session is round about 75 minutes and remember
prevention is better than cure if this sounds like you or you may have
a friend who’s got similar aches and pains as to what we’ve discussed in the video
please like or share or comment or tag them in it we truly appreciate it thank

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