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Egg Donation Process Overview | RSMC Fertility Clinic

Egg Donation Process Overview | RSMC Fertility Clinic

We want to thank you for taking this
next step and applying with RSMC. Our intended parents are very thankful and appreciative of the generosity of all of our donors. During this video we’re going to go over the entire egg donation process. It’s going to be a lot of information so please feel free to watch this video so many times as you need. Okay so the first step in the egg
donation process is the application. It’s gonna be an online questionnaire, once
you complete that application you will hear the results of your application
from us whether or not we’ll be able to move forward and if egg donation will be a
good opportunity for you. Let’s say you’re accepted and we can officially move forward to the matching process. What happens at this stage, is that
you’ll go ahead and you’ll meet your support staff here at RSMC which
will include your egg donation team coordinator as well as your IVF coordinator part of the clinical side for RSMC. So once you’ve been introduced to your support staff, we’re gonna move forward to the matching process. At this point you’re primary contact person will be your egg donation coordinator. We have our intended parents who we’re here to choose a donor and then we have our intended parents team. We often refer it with the IP team, it’s the job of the IP team to go ahead and try and match you with intended parents. So once
you’re a coordinator reaches out to you to confirm all the information on your
application and to make sure that you feel fully educated about the egg
donation process. Your coordinator will go ahead and build a donor profile page
for you. This donor profile will be used to help match you with attended parents
by the IP team. As your egg donation coordinator, our job is to make sure that we build you what’s on her profile page that features your very best characteristics. So we strongly encourage you to follow the guidelines that will
provide to you when you ask for photos or more information and just to see how
we can hopefully get you matched quickly and start moving through the process. So at this point let’s say that you’re part of the matching process. Once we find out that we have a potential or confirm match for you, your egg donation coordinator will reach out to you via text message phone or email whatever
your preferred method of contact is. At this point this is what we can really
start the egg donation process. So once your match, the very first step is to reappear in Sunny San Diego for a medical pre-screening appointment. At this appointment you’ll get a chance to meet your support staff in person become
familiar with RSMC Physician Surrogacy and get a good idea of what this whole donation process looks like in person. We’ll go ahead and coordinate your travel in your hotel stay and make sure that you arrived here safely and that you’re sent back home safely that same day. For that medical pre-screening appointment it’s less than a 24-hour trip, so you don’t have to worry about work, school or any other commitments. We’ll make sure that your
appointment works with your schedule and that we can honor your flexibility as
much as possible. After your medical pre-screening appointment it takes about two to three weeks for those results to be processed at which during
that time you’ll just be in contact with your egg donation coordinator to make
sure that you’re having all your questions answered. And if there’s anything that we can do to support you further that we stay in contact during that time. Once we receive all the results from
your medical appointment and you’re all cleared to move to the next step. We’re gonna go ahead and run a background check on you. So after those two to three weeks of waiting for those medical results, once we receive clearance, we’ll go ahead and take the next two steps simultaneously. While we’re running a background check on you we’re also going to put you in contact with our psychologist who will conduct a
psychological evaluation to make sure that you are fully informed of what
exactly this egg donation process contains. Once we receive that psychological evaluation and you’re all cleared to go the next step, what we’ll do is we’ll have you start the legal contracting process. At this point we have an attorney that represents you as the egg donor and a second attorney that represents being tenant parents here fully committed to. Your attorney what we
talk to you to make sure that you fully understand everything that you are
legally responsible for and legally entitled to. Depending on how long it takes for all parties to be satisfied and to sign the final contract. You will continue to be in contact with this lawyer as well as your egg donation coordinator to make sure that all correspondence is positive. Once the final contracts have been signed and all parties are satisfied, now we can really move into what we call us your incycle calendar, which means the definitive
start of your donation process with us. As part of your integral process there
are two different types of medications that we’ll be having you take. The first
one is for control pills that will be completely provided by our clinic. The
second type of medication is what we call a stimulation medication, these
medications are self-injectables but don’t worry, we will provide you with
detailed instructions emails and video tutorials to make sure that you feel
fully comfortable either administering the medication yourself or having to
someone who you trust administer it for you. The period of this medication will go on about 10 to 12 days total, leading right up to your retrieval. While you are taking these medications, we’ll be having you go to a clinic. If you’re outside of San Diego then we’ll find a local clinic near your home that’s convenient for you and if you’re in San Diego then you can come visit us for every appointment. Just to make sure that your body is adjusting well to the
medications and that we can be sure that you’re still going to be a healthy candidate to go through the egg donation. So after about
one month on the birth control pills and then a few weeks about side monitoring
appointments those ultrasounds, just making sure as we mentioned earlier
that those medications are adjusting well to your body and vice versa. And
we’ll go ahead and we’ll bring it here in San Diego for the retrieval week. Now
the retrieval week itself can last anywhere from four days to seven days,
just like that first appointment with us we’ll go ahead and we’ll coordinate
the travel, the hotel and we’ll also make sure that you have a companion or a
support person who can be there to accompany you and to take care of you as
you go through those appointments and you will ultimately go through that
retrieval procedure. Now on the day of retrieval, you’ll come to our clinic here
at RSMC and their treatment procedure itself is only about 15 to 20 minutes but since we will be putting you under anesthesia
we’ll have you stay in our clinic for a total of about two to three hours just
to make sure that you’re recovering well and you feel ready to go back and get
some rest for the rest of the day. The day after your retrieval we’ll go ahead
and send you back home wherever that is and we’ll continue to check up on you
just to make sure that you’re recovering well. If necessary, we’ll also order some
clips retrieval monitoring appointments again at that convenient local clinic to
you or here at our some seed whatever works best just to make sure that you
have a full and speedy recovery. As for your compensation this exact amount will
be set between you and your donation coordinator during the beginning process
of a plan. From there we will issue you your compensation checks at two
different places. The first one being at the start of those injectable
medications which is part of your in cycle calendar those ten to twelve days
of injectable medications will give you a check for $750. The rest of your
compensation will be delivered to you on the day of your retrieval by our egg
donation coordinator. So by the time you go home after retrieval you will have to
skip the entirety of your compensation. If this all sounds good to you then
you’re ready to move to the next step and be an egg donor here at RSMC.
We’re excited to work with you and thanks for your generosity.

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