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[ENG SUB]【女性向ASMR】tapping sounds,blowing,ear cupping,soft spoken 蘇到腰軟的溫柔哄睡

[ENG SUB]【女性向ASMR】tapping sounds,blowing,ear cupping,soft spoken 蘇到腰軟的溫柔哄睡

good evening touching the piggy’s legs Welcome back You can see a… piggy Touch its ears Fluffy ears Originally, this video wanted to record kinetic sand. But Really… not very convenient So it was changed to like this. You have to wear headphones Let me… Sleep with you tonight Fluffy It seems that there are something inside… Granular stuff Can you hear is it? I’m sorry. Now you can Close your eyes Put the phone aside Tune into background playback piggy’s Foot board piggy’s belly OK Is the light so much better? Oh, right! It seems that there is a car sound Slow down a bit Let’s put it aside first I know who you like the most. Hold your ears and also… like this a small one I’m sorry Just fell asleep, isn’t it? Just like this (?) beside your ear Take out the second The sound may be a bit big I feel a little different than before. right Noise Just sleep slowly. I want to (?) a bit Just go to sleep slowly Say good night Good night good night

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