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Episode 97- Taulman Chiropractic

Episode 97- Taulman Chiropractic

– On this episode, we
visit Taulman Chiropractic. (upbeat electronic music) What’s up everybody? And welcome to the
#CelebrateColumbus Show. My name is Josh Burnett. I’m super excited about today’s episode. We’re gonna be taking you
down to Taulman Chiropractic. You know, every year I pick
a word to direct my life, and this year it is healthy. So I’m so excited to take you
down to Taulman Chiropractic. They’ve already helped me lose 30 pounds. They’ve helped me with some of
the things that I have issues with in my life with my
back and with my spine. And I’m so excited to
see how they can help you with your goals in being healthy. I hope you enjoy this episode of the #CelebrateColumbus Show. – Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Taulman. – And I’m Sheila Taulman. Welcome to Taulman Chiropractic. (uplifting music) – Been in business for 25 years. I started in my hometown
of Edinburgh 25 years ago in 1992. We started out more as
a pain management clinic and have grown into more of a health and wellness lifestyle clinic. So, it’s been sort of my
own personal evolution as well as an evolution in practice, going from pain management
to more of lifestyle. I stumbled into it, and
I’ve been doing it 25 years. And I actually, the more I
study it and the more I do it, I love it more and more everyday. There couldn’t have been
another profession more suited for me, so I eat, sleep
and live chiropractic. And I think that’s very important to practice what you preach. I get checked and adjusted every week. It’s what I do. It’s who I am at this point in my life. – We really want to help people regain their optimal wellness, and
then eventually maintain that wellness by becoming a part of the Taulman Chiropractic family. – The mission of Taulman Chiropractic is to improve people’s lives
through a chiropractic paradigm. And what that means is more salutogenic. And what salutogenesis means
is doing things earlier on or more in the lines of prevention. You look at our healthcare
system right now, we’ve got a lot of issues. So, this is a different approach, a healthy, natural approach to
health, healing and wellness. And that’s what we do here. How our office is different than some of the other chiropractors is we try to look at as many parts
of the nervous system as possible, not just pain. Pain is only 10% of your nervous system. So, if you base your health on pain, you’re not seeing a complete picture. So, we do x-rays, we do
EMGs, we do thermography, we do range of motion, so that that gives us a more complete picture of the nervous system and what’s going on. We are more nervous system focused. In the 1990s, chiropractic was
more about bones and joints. It’s evolved into a nervous system, and the nervous system
controls everything about you. So, we focus more on the nervous system and its implications into
overall health and well-being. – We strive to maintain technology
that’s state-of-the-art, and we put back into the
practice and we educate patients as well as providing
great services as well. So, at our office, we
offer a free consultation. You can come in and talk to
us for as long as you want about any questions that you might have before you decide this is the
right fit for your family. We’re a family chiropractic office. Dr. Taulman and I work together, and we have been for 25 years. So, we enjoy helping as
many people as possible. When you come through our doors, you’re gonna meet an
amazing staff that’s here. They’re very personable, very helpful, but also you can utilize my time to ask as many questions
as you would like. We offer a free consultation, so if you or any of your friends would like to come and just meet us, make sure
it’s a great fit for you. We offer adjusting from
infants to geriatric patients, and I’m also the certified radiographer and I will be taking your x-rays for you, allowing time for Dr. Taulman
to do the adjusting technique. We work really well together. We’re very excited to be
at 1001 Washington Street and being a part of
the downtown community. Also, we’d love to invite
you to our ribbon cutting, which is gonna be on
Thursday, May the 10th at 5pm. – You can support us by
sending people our way who are looking for natural,
healthy alternatives to find better health. And chiropractic is a part
of a healthy lifestyle. We believe in eating well,
moving well and thinking well. And part of the movement component is getting your spine checked to make sure it’s moving properly. – At Taulman Chiropractic, we wanna help as many people as possible to regain and maintain optimal wellness. (uplifting music) (upbeat electronic music)

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