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Essential Oil Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Essential Oil Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today, we’re talking about how to make over
your medicine cabinet with essential oils. We know essential oils are some of the most
powerful forms of plant-based medicine in the world. And whether you’re struggling with hypothyroidism,
chronic bronchitis, a cold or flu, adrenal fatigue, or a number of other health conditions,
essential oils can be used as therapy to help naturally heal the body. And so, I’m going to be going through the
best essential oils today and how to make over your medicine cabinet. Number one, depression. This is shocking, but when you look at the
most prescribed medications today the combo of anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications
rank number one. I mean, it is mind-blowing when you look at
all of these medications that are prescribed today. And actually, I believe that about four of
the top ten selling medications today are either anti-anxiety or antidepressants, and
so we live in a society today where many people are struggling with this. My favorite essential oil to naturally fight
depression is ylang ylang. Ylang ylang is also an oil that I recommend
if you’re working on practicing forgiveness, if you’re struggling with anger and frustration
ylang ylang helps lift the spirits, help dissolve those feelings, helps improve the mood. What I recommend is about three or four drops,
rub it on your hands, rub it on your neck, and on your temples there as well, even a
little bit below your nose there, or just hold the bottle take deep breaths in and out
of ylang ylang. Again, natural antidepressant. Number two, eucalyptus oil. You want to talk about a powerful decongestant,
a lot of times people are turning to medications today which absolutely have side effects. Eucalyptus actually an oil out of Australia
which has been shown to open up the respiratory pathways. Now with this oil you can actually get some
boiling water, put it in a bowl, add some drops, cover your head with a towel and take
deep breaths in and out of eucalyptus. Also making a homemade vapor rub, some Eucalyptus
oil along with a little bit of Coconut oil, and you can mix actually a little ginger oil
in there as well or peppermint, rub it on the chest go and take a hot shower really
opens up the respiratory ways and it’s great for fighting bronchitis naturally.  Number three here is peppermint if you’re
struggling with fatigue. A lot of people today rely on caffeine and
other stimulants to really get them through the day. In fact, I even know a lot of people that
are doing different types of medications for this. I would even put things like Adderall and
other medications like that in some of these categories to help with chronic lack of focus
and be able to have the motivation to focus on something. But peppermint oil is very cooling and we
know peppermint also is fantastic for the digestive tract, but it’s a natural stimulant. So, before I go for a workout or my wife Chelsea
does, a lot of times we’ll do just deeply inhale some peppermint oil, you can add a
single drop or two to a bone broth chocolate smoothie or something like that. But again, peppermint oil, great for fighting
fatigue used to make over your medicine cabinet. Frankincense oil, many of you may already
know this, it is my favorite essential oil. Frankincense oil is the most referenced oil
along with myrrh throughout the entire Bible. And there are many species of frankincense. Frankincense, its Latin name really is Boswellia. Boswellia farina, Boswellia carteri, Boswellia
sacra. Frankincense reduces inflammation and so if
you’re struggling with those aches and pains in your joints or any type of inflammatory
condition, Frankincense is fantastic.  Also, it really helps with brain issues such
as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It contains a compound alpha-pinene which
is the same compound used in medications that treat neurological conditions, and frankincense
actually can pass through the blood-brain barrier which is one reason it’s so powerful. Also, we know its anti-cancer benefits are
incredible. But again, one of its biggest benefits if
you’re looking for natural anti-inflammatory, use frankincense on a regular basis. Get rid of those NSAIDs and other medications. This is a much better option to use. Roman chamomile, one of my favorite oils,
is fantastic for insomnia. It is shocking the number of people that struggle
with sleeping at night and who have insomnia and Roman chamomile is one of the best. Now Roman chamomile and lavender both work
in similar ways. They help balance out lower cortisol levels,
they help naturally reduce stress. In fact, Roman chamomile also a good digestive
aid, great for leaky gut syndrome. But chamomile is great for chronic insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping at night I recommend
get a diffuser by your bed, add several drops of chamomile and several drops of lavender,
let it diffuse while you sleep at night. Or take a warm bath at night, one cup of Epsom
salt, several drops of lavender, several drops of chamomile, it’s going to help you get a
better night’s sleep. Number six here, cedarwood. Cedarwood is one of the ultimate essential
oils for focus memory and ADHD. So, ADD and ADHD, if you have a child or a
loved one who struggles with ADHD or maybe it’s you, two or three drops about two drops
of cedarwood and I would also recommend two drops of vetiver oil or rosemary oil or all
three. But those are the most three powerful oils
for ADHD. Rosemary, vetiver, and cedarwood. Cedarwood is referenced throughout the Bible
by King Solomon for bringing wisdom. Number seven, again, rosemary great for the
brain but also incredible for hair loss, it helps block a compound in the body called
DHT, dihydrotestosterone. And I’d recommend you make your own at-home
shampoo with this using aloe vera gel and rosemary oil. You can find that recipe on draxe.com or in
the new book that Jordan Rubin and I just wrote called Essential Oils Ancient Medicine. We have that recipe in there. But rosemary oil with some warm olive oil,
massage it into your scalp leave it there for about two hours and then take a shower. Great natural hair thickener. Number eight is lavender. I mentioned earlier the number of antidepressants
and anti-anxiety medications people are taking all over the world today, the side effects
are really debilitating. In fact, many of these medications have even
been linked to suicidal thoughts, they’ve been linked to being more addictive behaviors,
lack of motivation. So, lavender is great for anxiety. It’s also great for cuts and burns if, your
child, or a loved one has a cut, burn, or scrape, use lavender oil. Number nine is thyme. Thyme is probably the most powerful essential
oil along with oregano for fighting a cold or flu. So, you got a cold or flu, a few drops of
thyme oil mixed with Lemon oil with some raw honey is a great natural remedy.  Number 10 is ginger. If you’re struggling with leaky gut, in my
book Eat Dirt I talk about leaky gut syndrome. My favorite essential oil for repairing the
gut lining is ginger because of its anti-inflammatory properties. So, listen, get those other things out of
the medicine cabinet. These things like that pink goopy liquid that
people drink which I’m not going to say here on air but again use ginger oil instead it’s
a much better option. Also, it’s great for conditions like Candida. Cinnamon oil, oh there we go Candida, using
these together is great. Cinnamon is great for warming the body and
drying the body which helps you get rid of Candida. Also, with Candida remember get rid of the
sugar in your diet load up on probiotics and warming foods. Cinnamon is great. And last but not least, clary sage the ultimate
essential oil for helping naturally balance your hormones whether you’re struggling with
PCOS or PMS or menopause, clary sage helps balance out those estrogen levels. Use it two to three times a day, a couple
drops, rub it on your lower abdomen and your neck.  Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video and also don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get more great
content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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