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Essential Oil Roll-On Relief Products by Amrita Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Roll-On Relief Products by Amrita Aromatherapy

Roll-on reliefs are aromatherapy essential
oils you can use anywhere With the Roll-On Relief line, the healing
potential of essential oils is now available in user-friendly applicators. Whatever conditions
you would like to alleviate or whatever symptoms you would like to relieve, take out your pocket-sized
roll-on bottle and at the area of the discomfort – roll on relief! The essential oil synergies
start working immediately. The essential oil synergies in our Roll-On
Relief formulas make use of rare, precious and therapeutically potent essential oils
like mandarine petitgrain, an essential oil much more calming than lavender, and vitex,
aromatherapy’s most powerful oil for menopause. These blends go far beyond the standard aromatherapy
formulations. And almost every essential oil is certified organic or wildcrafted.
How should you use roll-on reliefs? Each Roll-On comes with directions for its
use. For example, the Headache Roll-On can be applied to the location of the headache
anywhere on the head, neck and shoulders, as well as the temples, forehead and under
the nose. For sinus headaches, it can be applied to the cheeks.
What are the key ingredients in roll-on reliefs? The lotion base is 100% natural and contains
certified organic aloe vera juice and certified organic jojoba oil. The ingredients vary depending
on the condition they address. No synthetic ingredients are used, as such
ingredients are too harsh and may interfere with the healing effects of the essential

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