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FE European Fertility Week 2018. Awareness.

FE European Fertility Week 2018. Awareness.

Not a lot I know about a lot of people who have that problem It is a pretty big issue Actually I don’t know really anything I know that it affects more people
perhaps than people know, it can be pretty devastating I think if you are having problems conceiving
and you really want children I know that it is quite common. I know it’s a concern for quite a lot of people but that is not an issue which is
discussed widely in society. Not at all. A million? Well, it is a really big number, right?
I really don’t know I do not know, 50 000? 25 million citizens, that is even
bigger than I thought No, I don’t know Not at all. No I don’t know. 20,000? That’s good. That’s some good news. Oh, that much! Wow! Hormone shots are not allowed. a lot of procedures are not allowed
and people have to go abroad for it. From what I see on the news, at the moment, it is really a difficult situation
in terms of underfunding for getting people counselling,
getting people treatment and how much assistance
you can get to help conceive. If you don’t have a good job or savings,
you simply can’t afford it at some stage. Try to raise awareness doing
some sort even local events. I would imagine that you would need
a certain amount of psychologic support all the way through. It should be an issue that we discuss
more openly as a society because a lot of people are affected. But it is a taboo and we just need
to be more open in discussing the issue. You can teach it in school.

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