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79 Replies to “Fertility Tips-ONE TIP THAT ((REALLY)) IMPACTS FERTILITY”

  • Thank you for watching this important video. Leave your comments and questions below. Have you been properly tested for this?? Let me know. Also download our free report on restoring your fertility naturally. Download at www.restoreyourfertility.info

  • we will try your tip and see if it will work… I and my wife, we are having it very difficult in conceiving, I was told I have low sperm Count….. Please can you please help me with and natural tips….

  • Very good tip. Thanks a lot. But please can you explain what do you mean by up against the vagina. Do you mean over the vagina?? Please explain me please

  • I have question, i hope u can help me about my problem me and my husband want to have a child but the problem is we get married last month that time i have my period almost 2 to 3 weeks, he used me on the last day my period until now am waiting for my period again but no blood coming and i try to test my preg.test twice its NEGATIVE, can i do Fertility massage? thank u

  • Thank you so much for great advices. This has been one of the best video, on hypothyroidism. Kindly share tips on natural herbs for balancing T3 and T4!

  • Hi i am some what over weight 75kgs i recently got married…. trying from 3 months to conceive…. i want to know does weight affects on conception plz plz help me i didnt have any medical problem should i lose weight before more trying for conception….

  • I’m 36 and I have thyroid problem we’re trying to have baby since a 2014 pls help .. and where we should put the bottle ?? I didn’t understand thanks

  • Can your TSH be too low for the optimal range? Especially if you just came out of a late pregnancy loss? You mentioned close to 1 was ideal. What if it is below 1 but still "normal"? I understand pregnancy lowers your TSH.

  • Am i right? I’ll place the bottle with warm water between abdomen & vagina part? Or on the lower portion of abdomen; pls pls reply & confirm if correct or corrected me

  • This is great, but the language is vague. The vagina is an internal organ. So the hot water bottle would need to be placed at the opening, squashed on the vulva. That's the only way this makes any sense to me.

  • I just discovered my probiotic is soya and animal source based. Is it ok if i am trying to conceive via IVf to take it when i am also hashimotos ?

  • Please every one pray 4 me ,may God give me a kid and I could also become a mother b coz I want to feel the pleasure of becoming mother.

  • How can I get pregnant after using a family planning? Bos since I removed the family planning is being difficult to conceive

  • How can I get pregnant after using a family planning? Bos since I removed the family planning is being difficult to conceive

  • Hiii,i have 33 years old and my husband the same we try for 7 years to conceive and we did ivf but no working anad the drs said we don't have any problem please if you can send ur email adesss or phone nb for more info please

  • Thanks very informative, yes I did recognise sign of thyroid and I asked my Dr for the test but not a complete workup.

  • thank you for sharing this would thyroid also play a role in fibroids I recognize the symptoms. I thought it was just my lady parts but now I will ask about mine.

  • I am 34 and I trying to have a other baby but it's very hard and I feel so depress at times I really need help

  • What exactly is a normal number? My TSH is 2.2 and F4 is 1.3. That seems to fall under optimal numbers from what I saw.

  • Well i did a thyroid checkup because of my decrease in my concentration but my test were normal.. but i think i should get it checked thoroughly to be sure because i have some of the symptoms mentioned above but this time have a little knowledge about what to ask my doctor so that i might conceive..

  • Im now 35 yrs old maam and dying to have a baby with my partner i already have a 1girl and 1 boy but we still want another baby but we almost try 3years waiting i dont know whats happening because at my late 20s my prenancy is so easy but now we still hoping for my pregnancy pls maam can you help me more tips how to get pregnant😯

  • Please do a video on fibroids… I have them I am 35 and trying to conceive from last 2 years… Becuz of fibroids I am anemic and I bleed so heavily every month… I am suffering in every way possible.. Physically mentally emotionally..

  • Hi Charlene, I just prescribed🙋. You mentioned in this vid. that the mom w the elevated thyroid antibodies managed to reduce it. I've been trying for 8 yrs with various micro & macro nutrients to bring both the tpo & tgb's down, but with no avail. Can you please disclose how? Lastly, wrt Hashimoto's: what is your take on iodine supplementation? Thanks for a great vid.

  • I am very happy to u r explanation but am not getting properly can to show through picture it avoids by wrong doing

  • I have hypothyroid and my doctors say that im fine. I can have children. But i have not had any since my son. He is 21 my son had him at 15. Now im 37 and no more kids. I want a baby bad.

  • If you’ve had a ruptured appendix or endometriosis, you might need surgery to remove scar tissue to open you Fallopian tubes. I had to have this done between each pregnancy (unfortunately I only had one baby make it till term since damaged tubes increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies.) I also have Hashimotos and my son has ADHD and autism. Not sure if they’re related, but I wish I knew about this sooner.

  • I've been having spotting several days before my period in addition of having shorter cycles. I went to my obgyn and she told me it's normal for my age (35) but to monitor the spotting, she didn't want to make additional testing. We've been TTC for a few month now and I feel kinda helpless, I know I have folicules and good indications of ovulation, maybe my luteal phace is too short because my progesteron is low? I was diagnosed with IBS ass well.

  • My TSH level is 0.612 u/ml ….its low….please tell me what should i do…..i took prenetal vitamins and folic acid tablets to conceive baby …..i dont know what should i do now.

  • I’m loosing my hopes everyday is the end of the line I guess and nothing .. I wish at least God give me conform and no thinking on that anymore … I am down this days but I will be ok .. everybody said it is too late or laughing in 46… never got pregnant wish knowing what is that …😪

  • I have thyroid desease Hashimoto. Never got pregnant I’m from Canada can you please help me what I can do

  • Hi Charlene! Thank you for the info, I'm 43 and I always thought I had Hypothyroidism because my dry skin, oily hair, depression, weight problems, dermatitis, in fact my Dermatologist once asked me if I had this problem but I answered that in my test my levels were normal. I have had many problems to conceive, I had 2 IUI and 1 IVF all failed. What can I do, how do I get my doctor wants to test all you mentioned in the video. Thanks for your help!

  • Helo mam. My age is 37 year. 4 year ago my baby born.. He was boy. My delivery was premature becoz as 2nd day start of my 7 month my son born. He alive 3 days and after 3 days he died. After that I am try but not able to conceive. My husband work in oman. He came after 1 and half year. My period came regularly. Before date 2 days ago every months come. 1st day of bleeding flow very few just light spot. After 2 or 3 days bleeding flow comes. In the end of 3 day period ends.doc says you have no problem. What I do I have no child. Plz help me

  • Do you think having hypothyroid also affects follicles or is that just age related? Having less follicles?

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