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Fibroids and Fertility

Fibroids and Fertility

we’re kicking things off with our story
of inspiration let’s meet a woman who’s now able to focus on family planning
after a fibroid threatened her fertility life seemed perfect for noon ago a
recent engagement brought visions of expanding her family from two to three
but it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with the fibroid that the prospect of
children was at risk I’ve always complain about being bloated
and I tried diets I tried probiotics for three months and nothing did anything
for the bloating but the same time I was having severe like stomach pain having
stomach ulcer having heartburn after six months of discomfort and urinary
frequency she made the decision to seek medical advice to make an appointment
with my primary doctor a walking into thinking that he was gonna write a
prescription for an aunt a state of some sort and while I was there I said you
know what doctor can you also check out my stomach it was almost like there was
a golf sized ball that was just protruding up an ultrasound combined
with new symptoms bloating heartburn and a lump uncovered the cause so fibroids
are smooth muscle tumors that affect the uterus and rarely outside the uterus
it’s amazing that up to 80% of women have fibroids most of which have no
symptoms at all after visiting several doctors all of them came to the same
conclusion but most likely that I would need a hysterectomy
I basically burst out into there because I came in for a heartburn a hysterectomy
would end any chance of new getting pregnant when you have fibroids there
are a lot of options and it’s all about your priorities so I think before you
commit to some kind of procedure or therapy you should feel really
comfortable about it he asked me if I what was my main goal to preserve my
fertility or just to remove the fibroid and I expressed that I wanted to retain
my fertility taking news wishes into consideration dr. Millan decided the
best course of action was an open male MEC t’me we were able to do a very
minimally invasive procedures take that large fibroid out you know we end up
taking out like a watermelon size five a small two inch incision to be able to
facilitate recovery and and also preserve her uterus
I walk government there is literally just like a three or four inch incision
and then he took it all out symptoms are completely gone her belly is flat now so
her clothes fit properly she can actually sleep on her abdomen small
fibroids remain in the muscle of gnu’s uterus but that’s not uncommon the goal
of the myomectomy is to remove the fibroid that’s affecting the patients
daily life it changed the way I live the way I dress you know my self-esteem but
the biggest changes basically is just touching my stomach and that mass was no
longer there as soon as I recover on my fiancee and I could then you know
perhaps start I try to have a family so if a woman’s having heavy periods
painful periods pressure symptoms clothes aren’t fitting properly bladder
symptoms rectal symptoms pain with intercourse like any of those things
would be a trigger to talk about five boys if you don’t feel right go find a
doctor tell them exactly how you’re feeling don’t be afraid part of me that
kept me from getting this done sooner it was fear because you know what I wanted
to retain my fertility if that is your goal there’s doctors out there great
doctors and great nurses who can treat you get this done
don’t wait and don’t be afraid

8 Replies to “Fibroids and Fertility”

  • Hello just wanna ask did you get pregnant after removing fibroids? I just concerned because i just remove my fiboid aswell

  • I used the three step method that explain in this particular fibroids treatment “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it) and 2 weeks after I was scheduled for an ultrasound examination: it was amazing. The fibroids in my uterus had reduced in size to 2.3 cm. I advised my medical doctor around the amazing things I got and that he made a decision to discontinue the surgical procedure scheduled. Removing the fibroid in my uterus has been made possible, thanks to the assistance of the efficiency of this treatment plan. .

  • Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about
    how to get rid of submucosal fibroids naturally
    try Mackorny Healthy Uterine Blueprint ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.

  • I was later that week informed I have 2 mid-sized fibroids in which put an enormous pressure on my own bladder. In just 30 days of applying this unique fibroids treatment method “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it), both of my own fibroids had dramatically reduced by 70 percent and also the 2nd ultrasound exam taken 7 weeks after I started out your own plan, had revealed these two were totally taken away. .

  • I can securely state that this fibroids treatment method “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it) has changed my well being totally. The tips on removing fibroid truly caught my attention and I never ever quit applying your help and advice since I obtained it. This system had made my unbearable and terrifying experience into a blessing in disguise. Fibroids are all eradicated now. .

  • It had been really a debilitating nightmare since I have commenced going through the most horrible signs of fibroids. There’s nothing at all I want to do right now however to be grateful for whoever is responsible for this fibroids solution “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it). It actually works! My fibroid had since shrunk by %90 and I`m so pleased to report that. .

  • I had an open myomectomy, and they discovered a 17 cm "parasitic fibroid" that was attached to my ureter and intestines, while in there. After it was taken out, my scar tissue from the procedure was so severe, it closed off 1 of my fallopian tubes (and now it's non-functional). I also have new fibroids again, only 6 months after the procedure. Just one open myomectomy experience. It is not a panacea for infertility. My fertility is now over.

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