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Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Through Chiropractic

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment Through Chiropractic

Fibromyalgia for me, was like a death sentence. The doctor kept
saying “you have to lose weight, you have to lose weight.” But you go into a health
club or you go to run or walk, you hurt. So it didn’t help. I couldn’t get to a
point where I would lose weight in order to feel better because that’s all they would say, “You have to lose weight, you have to lose weight.” When I would clean the house, it takes me two days later to feel better. When I would do anything with the children, I have three children, anything that I would do, grocery shopping,
laundry, anything, would take days to feel better. So about six years ago I started to get
my fibromyalgia pain. It feels like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. You feel like from head to toe, that you’re just stuck in your body. It’s pain and it’s stiffness. And it really becomes mental. It becomes more mental because you feel like: I can’t move. I can’t do anything. I was in the gym every day before the 40th birthday. I
went to karate classes, 3rd degree Brown Belt. Everything, I couldn’t do any of that anymore. Simple things like walking and taking your kids to their classrooms, or walking up the
stairs, you can’t do. You feel a stiffness, a pain. It’s generalized all over, so you can’t go in a
doctor’s office and say, okay, my elbow hurts. Or my wrist hurts. It’s everywhere. To me chiropractic was the last resort. I started getting adjusted and I
started feeling better and I started smiling. I started enjoying coming to
education, the quizzes. Just everything, the how are you? Doctors tell you “lose weight.” But doctor
Jill says, “How are you? What else is going on?” It was like a holistic approach to feeling better. So not only did she educate me, her team made my soul feel better and my body felt

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