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First Time Prostate Exam and Fertility Test

First Time Prostate Exam and Fertility Test

Haeppy: They’re like, you know you guys can
just pretend right? Haeppy: I’m like no we really want to do it yeah..yeah.
Bapmokja: No we want to know now! Bapmokja: How do people make sperm? Haeppy: I don’t know, I am an innocent little
boy. Haeppy: *laughs* This is so fucking weird. Haeppy: I yo-yo, the only reason why I’m not
fat now is because I…I’m too lazy to eat. Haeppy: Today on twoplustwo Bapmokja: Men’s sexual health. Bapmokja: So last episode, we talked about
STDs and general sexual health, but how about sexual health related issues that you know…that
just relate to us men? Bapmokja: We have definitely have couple organs
or somethings in our bodies which makes us men, right? Haeppy: Yes… that ladies.. I don’t know, see that’s very controversial. Haeppy: So should I say that ladies SHOULDN’T
have? Bapmokja: Let’s not get into that. Haeppy: How about most ladies don’t have? How about that? Bapmokja: I think that’s a fair standpoint
to have. Bapmokja: While we were at the doctors surgery
that was in the last episode. Bapmokja: We decided take some tests, related
to male sexual health and those tests are Haeppy: Male fertility tests. So I guess sperm count and sperm strength? Haeppy: I don’t know if they actually test
the strength of the sperm but I guess how lively they are. Bapmokja: Yeah. Haeppy: If they are strong swimmers or not Bapmokja: A prostate exam because – Bapmokja: especially men over 30 it becomes
a higher risk of cancer. Bapmokja: And no one likes cancer. Bapmokja: We’re not 30 yet, but why not check
now? Haeppy: A testosterone test, to see if we’re
lacking or if we have too much testosterone. Haeppy: My voice is very high. Haeppy: Does that mean I am low on testosterone? Bapmokja: Maybe. Haeppy: We’ll find out. Bapmokja: We’ll find out won’t we. Bapmokja: So… a sperm test! Haeppy: Yes Um…how do people make sperm? Haeppy: I don’t know, I’m an innocent little
boy. Bapmokja: What act do we have to go to, to
make sperm? Haeppy: You tell us in the comments. Bapmokja: Yeah…how do you think sperm is
made? Bapmokja: Well you are going to see right
now! Haeppy: I hope my mom doesn’t see this. Bapmokja: I have my cup, that I have to cum
in. Haeppy: *chuckles* This is so fucking weird. Bapmokja: I have to take my shoes off. Bapmokja: Can’t do it with shoes on. Bapmokja: Don’t think about the camera, don’t think about the camera, think about the camera. Bapmokja: This is really hard, this is really
hard to do. Bapmokja: Are you hard yet? Bapmokja: I can hear everything that’s happening
in his room. Bapmokja:
You’re done?! Haeppy: Yep! Bapmokja: Noooo!!! Haeppy: Aw crap, I got some on my pants! Bapmokja: How did he finish?! Bapmokja: Oh my god, what’s wrong with me? Bapmokja: Damn it! Bapmoka: So that was actually a week before
we did the other test, because something went wrong. Haeppy: Ah. Bapmokja: I put my hands up right,
I couldn’t cum, I couldn’t do it. Haeppy: Performance anxiety. Bapmokja: Performance anxiety or something- it was too much stress
Haeppy: That camera. Bapmokja: Yeah. Bapmokja: I couldn’t do it, um I was in there
for 80 minutes before we called it quits. Bapmokja: I was taking too long so- Haeppy:
So basically do you think you would be able to shoot a porn. Haeppy: Do you think you would be able to
do it? Bapmokja: I don’t think I could. Haeppy: It would be too awkward right? Bapmokja: Ah man, it was bad with just me
by myself. Haeppy: I heard it was, like, very clinical
right? Haeppy: If there’s a cameraman just going
like “Hey slower”- And the director going ” Slower!” “Slower!” Haeppy: Sloweeeeeer!
Bapmokja: Slower. Haeppy: I could do it though. Bapmokja: Yeah, you could shoot a porn? Haeppy: Well, as long as you … not the
porn. I don’t think I’ll- Haeppy: Yeah I could probably
shoot a porn. Haeppy: Especially if you guys will pay for
it. Bapmokja: Well you actually managed to do
it. Haeppy: I did it. Bapmokja: In 5 minutes 30 seconds. Haeppy: 5:28 according to my…uh, smart phone, yes.
Bapmokja: Your timer. Bapmokja: And while I was in there you decided
to, you know, have a look at the old little gentleman. Bapmokja: I guess. Bapmokja: The boys! Haeppy: Mhmm
Bapmokja: Checking out the boys. Haeppy: Yes. Haeppy: The doctor said that none of them
were moving. Haeppy: They were all dead. Haeppy: So there’s a chance that I might actually
be infertile. Bapmokja: Wow, that is incredible. Bapmokja: So basically, because that happened,
we decided to go the next week and do all the tests again in one time. Bapmokja: And because of my anxiety, the doctor
gave us both these. Bapmokja: So we would produce our own- Haeppy: Do our business at home. Bapmokja: Do you reckon we could make 45 millimetres
of sperm?
Haeppy: No. Haeppy: We should do another episode where
we see how long it would take for us to cum
Bapmokja: That’s disgusting. 45 millilitres of cum.
Bapmokja: That’s disgusting. Bapmokja: That’s disgusting. Bapmokja: So the rules where we had to do
this 5 hours before you go into the clinic, so we did that and these are the results. Bapmokja: Last week we failed to produce the
sperm. Haeppy: Mine all died. Haeppy: At the time, I was like “well its different, like I was sick also, I was taking medication”…- so maybe that had an effect on it. Bapmokja: Maybe. Haeppy: To be fair, last night I was out and
I stayed up very late- and I drank as well. Bapmokja: Mmmm. Haeppy: So maybe this time we will be this
way…maybe it won’t we’ll see. Haeppy: They ain’t moving.
Bapmokja: They don’t look alive. Haeppy: They ain’t moving. Haeppy: 0 percent mortality. Haeppy: What?! Haeppy: Oh wow. Haeppy: It’s like a dead battlefield. Bapmokja: Are all those dead? Haeppy: All you see are these little craters
and then its just- everything’s dead. Haeppy: I don’t know how I feel about this,
at first I was going to be like- “Yeah! I’m infertile” – but now I’m like, is
there a problem with me? Bapmokja: Yeah, well we don”t know. Haeppy: I mean its okay if I’m infertile just
straight up infertile – but like is something wrong with me which is making them die?
Bapmokja: Serious problem. Haeppy: Like if I was infertile, yeah! no
kids! Haeppy: But if i’m sick somehow or i’m stressed
somehow or if something is wrong with me that’s- causing them to die. That’s a different matter all together. Bapmokja: That is a different matter. Haeppy: What about Bapmokja? Haeppy: You dead too son! Bapmokja: Why am I dead?- why am I – are these mine? Haeppy: Here’s the thing, you are on a very
very very stressful diet right now, very stressful. Bapmokja: I am on a diet, I’m on a strict
Haeppy: Very stressful. Haeppy: It kills your liver, that’s how bad
it is. Bapmokja: Its bad yeah. Haeppy: Yeah. Haeppy: So your situation is different from
my situation. Haeppy: Like you might legitimately actually be stressing your body to the point where they’re dying. Haeppy: I have no idea why mine are dying. Bapmokja: Is there really nothing moving? Not even like one?! Haeppy: 0. Haeppy: He said that on average there should be about 30 to 40 percent of them should be mortal. Haeppy: So 60 to 70 percent should die, but
about 30 to 40 percent should be alive. Haeppy: We have 0 percent mortality, so something
is wrong with us. Haeppy: How cool is this that you guys are
finding out on video, captured on video.
Bapmokja: This is really odd to me,- because I don’t want to be infertile. Bapmokja: Because I want to have kids, its a bit strange. Haeppy: He wants to have kids. Haeppy: He wants to have cute little half
babies. Bapmokja: Its kind of strange to see them
not moving, because I was kind of expecting them to be moving Haeppy: To be moving yeah?
Bapmokja: Right. Haeppy: Well this was a grand discovery. Haeppy: Youtubers are- Bapmokja and Haeppy: infertile. Bapmokja: Potentially. Haeppy: Please leave in the comments how you feel about this- because we know how we feel about it, but
how do you feel- seeing this on video captured about Haeppy and Bapmoka. Haeppy: You know what?- finding out that i’m infertile is actually
pretty relaxing cause now no accidental babies! Haeppy: Forever. Bapmokja: You’re not upset? Haeppy: Shooting blanks?- Dream come true! Bapmokja: Which saves you an operation, you
don’t have to get a vasectomy. Haeppy: But I might get it anyway on camera
for you guys. Bapmokja: Double safe. Haeppy: Yeah, double safe, cause you know
what?- there are have been stories where some guys
like, man and wife have been trying to make kids forever and then one day miracously they
get a kid. Haeppy : I don’t want that to happen to me. Bapmokja: It does mean, like last episode,
that you still need to use a condom though- Cbecause STDs and things. Bapmokja: Unless its a steady partner and
you both know you’re cool. Bapmokja: But that was a bit of a blow eh? Bapmokja: But that’s bad word, I shouldn’t make fun
of him myself. But- maybe that’s the only way I can
deal with being infertile. Bapmokja: That’s really odd, because I actually
really wanted kids. Haeppy: There is no way you are infertile
though. Haeppy: Or you could be one of those cases
where its like your in an normal case where you are infertile, but maybe like from time
to time you will have a small squadron of sperm thats like- Bapmokja: Squad goals. Haeppy: 300! ya know? Bapmokja: Squad goals of sperm. Yeah. Haeppy: And maybe you and your wife at the time will try
for years and years…and you guys don’t expect to.- So you don’t ever use a condom so you don’t
ever expect to get pregnant and then one day- she gets pregnant. Haeppy: And then you do a paternity test. Bapmokja: I would be totally be at her like
“Excuse me! I look at this video, i’m infertile, you cheated.” Haeppy: “You cheated!” Haeppy: And then you find out that, no, she
didn’t cheat. Bapmokja: And I just actually miraculously
healed myself. Haeppy: And it would be a miracle baby, how
much more would you treasure this baby if- it’s a miracle baby. Not that you wouldn’t treasure your own child if it wasn’t. Bapmokja: It would literally be an accident
baby cause I wasn’t expecting it. Haeppy: Yeah. Bapmokja: I guess that’s the bright side. Haeppy: Oooweee we about to party! Bapmokja: If jacking off on camera wasn’t
bad enough, having a grown man- the best word I could think of is finger you in the ass. Bapmokja: That’s what he’s doing- he’s okay he’s
examining, um the prostate. Bapmokja: Yeah first time you know. Haeppy: Yeah, first time for me too. Haeppy: Hope you enjoy what’s coming next. Haeppy: They’re like, you know you guys can
just pretend right?- i’m like no we really want to do it
Bapmokja: No we want to know now! Haeppy: I can’t do this. Haeppy: I think even without the cameras it would
be weird. Haeppy: This is my very first time. Haeppy: Okay. Haeppy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Haeppy: AHHHHHHWAAAAA! Haeppy: Okay, okay. Haeppy: Okay. Haeppy: Oh God. Haeppy: I don’t understand guys who like pegging! Haeppy: God imagine taking a big shit, but
backwards. Haeppy: I will never ask a girl if they want
to do anal. Haeppy: Never. Haeppy: After feeling this, I cannot- unless
the girl wants it. Haeppy: Ow God. Haeppy: This is twoplustwo, this is Bapmokja
and Haeppy, showing you real experiences- Oh God! Bapmokja: I don’t want to do this. Bapmokja: Oh my God, okay…this is strange. Haeppy: Time to take your pants off son. Bapmokja: Did it hurt? Haeppy: I don’t feel good. Bapmokja: Did it hurt?- Haeppy: I don’t feel good right now, I feel
like I need to take a crap.
Bapmokja: …did you feel violated Bapmokja: Oh my god. Haeppy: It doesn’t hurt, its not pain. Haeppy: Are you ready son? Bapmokja: No. Bapmokja: Oh shit, okay. Haeppy: That’s your prostate. Bapmokja: This is weird. Haeppy: Doesn’t hurt right? Bapmokja: No. Bapmokja: Uhhhhhh, that’s weird. Haeppy: Wow you took that like a man. Bapmokja: It was really strange. Haeppy: Good to know that we’re both clean. Haeppy: We both healthy, everything is okay. Bapmokja: Your face though when it goes it,
your like ‘Ahhhh!” Haeppy: Yeah, no, cause its- I’ve never felt
that before. Haeppy: Getting licked?- Fine. That feels good Haeppy: But this? Haeppy: This is no good. Bapmokja: Didn’t like that? Haeppy: Here’s the thing. Bapmokja: He lubed up. Bapmokja: It was alot of lube. Haeppy: It doesn’t change- it doesn’t change. Haeppy: No. Haeppy: Okay?! Haeppy: I didn’t expect that it would make
me feel that way. Haeppy: Like I felt invaded. Bapmokja: Sodomized. Haeppy: Invaded. Haepply: Maybe if a lady did that to me, I
might feel differently. Bapmokja: Open bookings today. Haeppy: Yeah. Haeppy: But you had a great time! Bapmokja: It wasn’t bad, i’m not saying it
was great. Haeppy: He was fine, it wasn’t like ” Ohh
doctor!” Bapmokja: It was just you know, interesting
at first like “Oh, oh okay.” Bapmokja: There’s a man inside me. Bapmokja: It was purely medical, only. Bapmokja: This was no weird thing. Haeppy: There was no reach around. Bapmokja: We were paying for the test- no where was that?! Bapmokja: I thought that was in the brief- Haeppy: I thought we were paying for it. Bapmokja: I thought that was in the brochure. Haeppy: It would have made it easier, it would
have relaxed me really. Bapmokja: Yeah. Haeppy: But thank goodness we are both cancer
free and we are fine. Haeppy: We don’t have enlarged prostates. Haeppy: We don’t have anything like that,
we’re healthy young, strong men. Bapmokja: If you are over 30 go get yourself
checked out, or if you are just at the cusp of 30, go get yourself checked out because,
you know, it could save your life. Haeppy: If you catch it really early, there
is a 90 percent chance that you can get rid of it Haeppy: And the longer you wait, that percent
drops. Bapmokja: Yea it gets much much worse. Haeppy: Which is why you get your annual check. Haeppy: Even if you are before 30, just do
it now when you are 28 like we are. Bapmokja: Go see your GP or doctor or whoever
you need to see to get it checked! Haeppy: And finally, our man hormone tests. Haeppy: Testosterone.
Bapmokja: Man hormones! Haeppy: Human Growth Hormones. Bapmokja: Testostorone. Bapmokja: Testostorone can affect many things
in your life. Bapmokja: You could like, you know- mood swings,
like tiredness,- Haeppy: Sexual appetite. Bapmokja: sexua- yea, lebido- sexual appetite. Haeppy: And also Human Growth Hormone
HGH. Haeppy: HGH. Haeppy: Low levels of HGH causes fatigue,
sensitivity to cold and heat. Haeppy: It makes it harder to build muscle,
it makes it easier for you to have fat around your waist.
Bapmokja: Abdominal fat- Bapmokja: yeah abdominal fat. Haeppy: Everything that I have. Bapmokja: Yeah. Haeppy: So…let’s see if I’m low on HGH and
testostorone I guess. Haeppy: Ah yes. Haeppy: Yes. Haeppy: Yes. Bapmokja: That’s super low. Haeppy: But what effects does that have?
Bapmokja: What?! Bapmokja: Can he do anything about it? Haeppy: Ah okay. Haeppy: How much is it? Haeppy: 100 bucks per shot. Bapmokja: Every week? Haeppy: Every week. Bapmokja: 400 a month? Haeppy: Nah its okay, I don’t really need
the Human Growth Hormone. Haeppy: I’m enough of a human growth hormone. Haeppy: The average range is 5,6,7 and you
are 10.3. Haeppy and Bapmokja: 10.36 Haeppy: He’s very manly. He’s got a lot of testosterone. Bapmokja: Is it just natural
or like did I eat something? Haeppy: Oh if your nervous or if you are stressed. Haeppy: You’re 0.18 and i’m 0.05. Haeppy: I’m 5 percent of the minimum, you
are 18 percent of the minimum. Bapmokja: Oh. Bapmokja: Can I affored 400 dollars a month? Bapmokja: That’s like half my rent. Haeppy: No, but that doesn’t really- because
you put on muscle really easily. Bapmokja: Maybe that’s the testostorone. Haeppy: But the HGH is low because fat clings
to you. Haeppy: And I get fat really easily. Haeppy: I yo-yo, the only reason why i’m not
fat now, is because i’m too lazy to eat. Bapmokja: I don’t really get that tired. Bapmokja: I’m going to yawn- but I actually
don’t get that tired. Bapmokja: Not like you do,
you get really tired. Haeppy: No, I get really tired. Haeppy: Like everyday I have to nap. Haeppy: Normal people stay awake 16 hours
a day and sleep 8. Haeppy: I’m the opposite. Haeppy: I stay awake for 8 to 9 hours, and
then I have to sleep for the rest of the time. Haeppy: We will see a difference, because
of the diffe- Bapmokja: Oh we will? Haeppy: Because of the difference Bapmokja: Because we’re so low?
Haeppy: Because of the level. Bapmokja: I’m really tempted, but I- Bapmokja and Haeppy: can’t afford it. Bapmokja: If I had money, I would totally
do this. Haeppy: Put it in the comments if you want
us to go through with it and see the difference. Bapmokja: And we’ll start a patreon. Bapmokja: Gofundme. Haeppy: This is not just plastic surgery,
these are things that are actually affecting- our performance, our actual life. Bapmokja: Am I fat because of HGH? Bapmokja: Can I blame HGH for my fat? Bapmokja: No? Damn it. Haeppy: You can’t. Bapmokja: I thought I was going to get away
with that one. Bapmokja: Do you think you will ever go for
the HGH thing? Bapmokja: Or you’re just going to stay with
your low number? Haeppy: I think maybe if this Youtube thing
pans out and if I start making enough money to eat. Haeppy: And I have little bit extra- maybe
I might try it to see if it will make a difference. Haeppy: Or maybe if I could get a medical
sponsership of some sort. Bapmokja: For HGH yeah? Haeppy: Take a look at this mothe- tender! Bapmokja: I was kind of hoping I was going
to have a low testostorone level actually. Bapmoka: Because I read a lot into TRT, it
might help me out working out a little bit because like- when people think about testosterone
and getting injections for testosterone. Bapmokja: They always think like body builders,
and like rage..-roid rage and everything. Bapmokja: Steroids and all that kind of stuff. But actually you don’t- need that much testosterone to get like little
gains and stuff. Bapmoka: So I was actually hoping I would be low,
so that I could get more testosterone. Bapmokja: But infact I am over testoster- Haeppy: Way over! Haeppy: Normal range being over 4 and 7, and
he is at 10.3. Haeppy: But could it be maybe why people on
average just higher levels of testosterone- and he was saying like 4 to 7 is for
Asian people. Bapmokja: Oh!
Haeppy: I forgot to ask. Haeppy: Yeah we didn’t-
Bapmokja: Yeah we didn’t ask. Haeppy: We don’t have a base- we don’t
have another white guy come in and do the test right? Bapmokja: Yeah, sure. Haeppy: So maybe that’s just something else we
do in the future. Haeppy: Maybe we do like a re-update. Haeppy: Make sure we don’t have cancer again
next year. Bapmokja: Yeah why not? – This could be a yearly thing. Bapmokja: Definitely the cancer thing. Haeppy: Yeah just to bring awareness. Bapmokja: Just that you guys remind us that
we have to go do it. Haeppy: Yeah, even most of our subscribers
don’t watch most of our videos right? Bapmokja: Yeah exactly. Haeppy: We know about 30 percent, maybe even
less of our subscribers watch our videos. Haeppy: So a lot of you miss out on the content
that we put out. Bapmokja: So if you want to get tests like
these done in your home country. Bapmokja: Go ask your doctor, but if you are
in Korea you can got to a clinic like the- one we went to and ask for these tests to
be done. Bapmokja: Its very easy and cost effective. Bapmokja: Very cheap. Haeppy: Very cheap. Bapmokja: And very quick! Haeppy: Very quick. Bapmokja: Results back in just a few days. Haeppy: Yeah. Haeppy: Thank you very much for joining us
on this episode of twoplustwo. Haeppy: Like the video, share it, subscribe Haeppy: and if you do subscribe Bapmokja: click on the bell icon on desktop
or mobile to join the notification squad!

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