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But first… How to make your gaze stronger Hello everybody! Today I will speak about having a strong gaze about having a good gaze I told that a good gaze is something very strong in personal communication and can give a definitive advantage when you are with the other to speak, to transmit to make change But how can we make our gaze better. It is important to learn not to blink Obviously at the beginning is difficult to blink, but you continue you continue with good exercise Look at me now in this video I don’t blink but in reality I observe you I have even a light in front of me You can also try reading a newspaper without blinking or you can stay in front of the mirror and look at yourself without blinking This are very good exercise Practice, practice a lot This is one of the most powerful exercise when you will see that we fascinate people is because we are able to look at people without blinking And we create in a very few seconds a deep state. Begin practicing and begin seeing the changes in the quality of your interactions with the others Thanks! Magnetic voodoo resonance Students of Dr. Paret These students of Dr. Paret are practicing The unique techniques of Non-Verbal Hypnosis developed by Dr. Paret himself He is going to hypnotize two subjects at the same time Images from the courses of Dr. Paret Now see what happens He is hypnotizing the second subject through the first one Unique techniques Get our FREE COURSE, www.mesmerism.info Magnetism is extemely powerful She is feeling it Uncontrolled movements With non-verbal hypnosis you can get everything you want Incredible! Much more on our channel!

4 Replies to “Gaze Strength #16 + HYPNOTIC MAGNETIC “VOODOO” THROUGH A PERSON”

  • Информация для обывателя, глаза не играют никакой роли при наведении, главный секрет за этой ,,ширмой,, который никогда публично не раскрывается

  • I watched this video.I understood we can hypnotise two or more at a time with strong gaze.Here I have one doubt,which is the better exercise among lamp or mirror practice?.tku sir

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