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GIANT bunnies & How to breed them | 25 plus pound Flemish Giants.

GIANT bunnies & How to breed them | 25 plus pound Flemish Giants.

so Aaron here Syman Says farms liz is
outside right now on an important phone call but we’re in the middle of breeding
Flemish Giants the big rabbits so it’s done a little differently than most
of the other rabbits that you might have seen because they’re just so big the
cages are aren’t big enough for them to do their thing…
that was my little dance. We actually use this pen and I’ll show you in a
minute I already put the girl in there and now
we’re gonna come up here and get the big boy. See we have this pen that we
blocked off with a couple bales of hay so they don’t dig their way out and on
this side we have a gate I’m not too worried about them digging out here
and even if they did dig out here they would just end up in the rabbitry and
they could walk around so it’s actually no big deal if they were to make it
through but we put them up in this pen and it becomes the Love Shack for the
day right Aspen you ready to make some babies all right Denver so Aspen whose
boss your daddy let’s make it happen so I’m actually I got a both in the pen
here together I’m gonna actually give them their water cuz they’re gonna be
out here almost all day and what we’ll do is we’ll do this for two days in a
row we did it move back little man or big man we did it yesterday and so they
got to spend most of the day together and we know these bunnies quite well so
we know they’re not gonna beat each other up they’re really nice to each
other so we’re gonna give them food and water for the day let them hang out and
then a little love shack and then what we
is helping just like our palpating video which I’ll link to this but we can
palpate about ten days later and see if she took I’m you could just sit here and
watch all day but we’ve got stuff to do thank you we love her yeah don’t love me
please I mean I love you but she’s raising herself she was lifting him now
I saw that he might have already gotten her and just no fall off no no he he has
a very good fall off when he does it so she’s raising that tail for him though
so that’s a good time maybe you don’t know maybe she got it yesterday right get back over there over there there you
go this is gonna be good she lifts it right into you over here you there you
go stop pulling her hair she’s fine come on
do your business you had your chance she’s like I’m done so as you saw
they’re doing that they’re doing the deed but he’s not doing his fall off
which we still have yet to get on camera a perfect one so we’re gonna leave them
in this pen like I said there are good rabbits they’re nice to each other so
they’re gonna stay here all day and then in about ten days we’re gonna
palpate and see if she’s pregnant start palpation start but she’s really
big. She has a lot of fluff let’s just say she’s fluffy people
roughy not that fluffy yes he’s fluffy enough fat yeah exactly
fluffy enough yeah so she’s fluffy you could see how fluffy she is but she’s
gonna be really hard to palpate so it’s I’m gonna probably palpate her closer to
the day 14 mark no more breeding right yesterday we bred today we’re gonna
leave her alone ten days we’ll write it down and then ten days or so from now
we’ll start to palpating process which again I’ll link to this video
our palpating video and we’ll keep you guys posted so one last thing I wanted to add to the
video is because you didn’t see the fall-off which is where the male rabbit
ejaculates and literally falls off the girl rabbit we have yet to catch one of
those on video so we’re gonna start videoing every time and hopefully catch
one and post one once we get it so we can show you but you definitely know
when it happens it doesn’t have to happen I think we’ve had a successful
breeding without a fall off or at least it might have happened and we didn’t see
it but more than likely what you just witnessed was not successful even though
they were lined up perfectly in one case there but uh with no fall off there
might not have been enough sperm to make it from him to her so we’ll find out
we’re gonna leave them alone like we said for ten days probably by ten and
eleven twelve days we should be able to tell whether she took and we’ll go from
there so thanks again for watching please subscribe over there somewhere
and follow us comment like ask questions and we’ll post them thank you

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