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Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride 16″ Ginger Needle Set

This week, I have a giveaway from Knitter’s
Pride for their 16-inch circular interchangeable set and a necklace that I’m going to tell
you about. This is a Knitter’s Pride necklace, believe
it or not. The 16-inch circular set is, well, let me
just say it’s perfect for knitting smaller circumference things, because normally in
most interchangeable sets, you get longer needles and longer cords. And the 16-inch set comes with short needles
so that you can knit smaller things like sleeves and baby hats and hats, adult hats. Not so small that they’re for gloves and mittens
and stuff or socks, but 16-inches. Let me just check one thing that I’m actually
not sure of. Oh, you get 16 and 20-inch cords. And something that I’ll answer, a question
that I often get is can you attach even longer cords to the shorter needles in the 16-inch
sets? And absolutely, if you have more than one
Knitter’s Pride set, you can attach a 24, 32-inch cord to the shorter needles. So, let me tell you the exact numbers on these
before I show you the needles. These run U.S. sizes 3 up to 17. A huge size range. The ginger needles have huge size ranges. Our metric size is 3.25 up to 12.0. You get four cords, two 16 and two 20-inch,
then you get all of the end caps and cord keys and everything else that you need. Let’s take a look at my set, and I’m missing
a…every time I show you my own set, I’m always missing a couple because on video shoot
day I come in with so many samples and a lot of them are the needles that I’m using. So, Knitter’s Pride is upping their game. Every time they come out with something new,
the case is even better. So, we have the massive range of sizes and
we have a ginger pen, and this whole thing folds up with these leather straps or vegan
leather straps around these toggle buttons so that you have a magnetic board to hold
your pattern. And this bar will help keep track of where
you are in your pattern, especially if you’re working a chart or something. And I’m telling you, that’s not even it because
there’s this whole pocket here that has all of your gear, your cords and end caps and
everything else to put together the needles. I love this set and the ginger needles, both
the double-pointed and the circulars have quickly become my go-to needles for, gosh,
just about everything that I’m knitting right now. I really like them. These are wood needles with a pretty sharp
point on them, and that’s kind of perfect. And along with this, I also have a magnetic
knitter’s necklace kit. And this is something different. I mean, I’ve never seen a needle company put
out necklaces before, but this is the necklace. It’s actually a pretty necklace, isn’t it? I mean, it doesn’t look bad. And you have this little pouch of stuff. And there’s a purpose for this necklace. You’re wondering, what is it all about? Well, the kit comes with three different kinds
of cable needles and while you’re knitting cables, you’re not using the cable needle
the whole time, right? You’re setting it down and maybe it losing
it in couch cushions or at the coffee shop table or whatever. But, you can just wear it with you now. You don’t have to drop it. Whichever one you choose to use, just magnets
itself to your necklace while you’re not using it. And then, it’s right there when you need it,
right? So, these are all metal cable needles in different
shapes. I think they probably just sent, like, the
three most popular shapes so you can just pick whichever one you like best. And then, they also send a little pouch of
magnetic stitch markers. And this is pretty brilliant because, you
know, you’re always losing stitch markers, right? And this way, you can just attach them to
your necklace when you’re not using them or when you have something coming up, and it
all goes in the little pouch, the necklace too. But, you can wear it and it doesn’t look like
you’re being weird and wearing knitting tools. It just looks like a normal necklace. Anyway, so that’s the Knitter’s Pride magnetic
knitters necklace kit. I will have links so you can read more about
both of these products. But, we’re in the middle of a giveaway right
now, and if you want to learn how to enter this giveaway, just watch through to the end
of the video. Good luck. [00:04:32]
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