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Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Ginger Needle Sets

Giveaway!  Knitter’s Pride Ginger Needle Sets

This week I have a very exciting giveaway
from Knitter’s Pride. I have two to two sets of their brand new
ginger needle sets. It was kind of funny because I was yesterday
getting ready to shoot this video today and I had one ginger set and a package arrived. And Knitter’s Pride sent me more of these
needles, so I was able to give two, which is great. This is like a big holiday giveaway, I have
two of these sets to give away. This is actually my own personal set. This… Because I want to open it up to show you. And this is a full size interchangeable needle
set with a very exciting case than I wanna show you. Let me give you some details on the needles. There are 13 sizes in here from US size 3
up to 17, metric sizes 3.25 up to 12.0. You get six chords, two 24-inch, 32 and 40. You get the end caps and the cord keys and
the cord connectors and magnets for the pattern holder. Oh, that’s all coming up in a minute. This is a seriously deluxe set is what I’m
saying. And Knitter’s Pride, they keep upping their
game on the cases. So, let’s take a look here. Here’s the awesome set of needles. If you are unfamiliar with interchangeable
needles, you get the sets and the cord links that you need and you attach them together. You can see a set is missing here because
I’m using them, but this case is really different looking. We have a pocket here to hold the connectors
and cords and everything. And there are these toggle buttons here. And let me show you how this works. You fold the case up and put these straps
around the toggles. And you have a magnetic pattern holder right
here, except for I didn’t connect it. There we go. You have something to hold your pattern while
you’re working and the marker to keep track of your pattern for where you are. It’s pretty great. Like I said, they keep upping their game on
their cases. And then you just unhook the straps and it
all folds back into itself again. Also, there is a ginger pen that comes with
this set. This is a wood set, it’s a great all-purpose
set. And I will have information in the video description
field and on my website for more information if you want to learn more about this needle
set. It also comes in double pointed needles and
straight needles and short needles for 16 circulars. I’m really excited about these needles if
you can’t tell. If you want to enter to win one of these two
sets, just click the little “I” in the upper right-hand corner to go to my website, the
form to fill out with your email address, everything will be there. Good luck.

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