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Gonstead Chiropractic Neck Adjustments vs Neck Twisting Adjustments explained by Dr Ryan Hetland

Gonstead Chiropractic Neck Adjustments vs Neck Twisting Adjustments explained by Dr Ryan Hetland

Hey Dr. Ryan Hetland here. Welcome to today’s 3-minute chiropractic seminar. I wanted to talk to you about how chiropractors–
you might have thought all chiropractors do the same thing and adjust the same way and
that just isn’t true. It isn’t so and I wanted to show you today
how the Gonstead method that I practice, how different that is and why it would be beneficial
for you to learn about the difference as of techniques. And so, I’m going to show you a neck adjustment
today and I’m going to show you the difference of how a general adjustment might look because
one of the main complaints that I hear sometimes is when someone’s trying to refer someone
in that someone went to a chiropractor and they felt that their neck was wrenched really
hard and they’re afraid of it and their kids are afraid of it not necessarily got hurt
by it, but they just are afraid of the wrench. So I’ll show you what I mean by that. This would be Nicole right here is going to
be our patient and typically, a general adjustment is when you’re laying on your back and this
is just how we’re taught in college and this is a normal standard adjustment where you’re
going to have your neck felt like this and the neck’s going to be twisted like that. And then they might go the other way and twist
it the other way. And so that’s what we mean by kind of that
wrenching that people are saying. It’s totally safe to do it this way. This is how they’re taught in school, but I’m
going to show you the difference of the Gonstead neck adjustment. So Nicole is going to sit up here and so the
beauty of the Gonstead method is that there’s a worldwide network of Gonstead chiropractors
that are trained to analyze and adjust in a similar way. And so, when we’re doing the neck seated,
the reason we do that is so that when we have a disc issue and the vertebra is backwards,
we’re wanting to lift that and go forward with it versus twist it. So I’m going to show you the difference here. I’ve already done the analysis on her to know
what needs to be adjusted and so I’m just going to show you the adjustment part of it. Perfect. So what you’ll notice there is the neck didn’t
go twist when I adjusted it. It was lifted–the neck–and set like that
forward. And so, the main difference that is it’s a
lot more gentle of an adjustment. It feels better, doesn’t it? And there’s no twist, there’s no wrench to
the neck, and we get a better disc correction. So check out Gonstead chiropractic at gonstead.com. I’ll put a link down below and I’ll see you
back here tomorrow.

27 Replies to “Gonstead Chiropractic Neck Adjustments vs Neck Twisting Adjustments explained by Dr Ryan Hetland”

  • My neck is a bit stubborn so I've had different kinds of adjustments and I've been told that the original laying down is better than the one sitting up. I have no idea if its gonstead or something different. Generally, chiropractors do a sitting up adjustment if my neck won't adjust the first way. Is there any truth to laying down being better or is it just that my chiropractors are more familiar with it that way?

  • Dr..I have very bad lower back pain on left side.Everytime I lay down then try to move or get up I feel my left side of Back shift.I always yell in pain..Just wanted to know your thoughts on that? Thanks

  • hye…some of gonstead practicioner told that straight neck occur not by their own its because of other subluxuation.can you xplain it?

  • Have you heard the case of Katie May? Apparently, she got her neck adjusted back in February and died of a stroke shortly after. Coroner says that her chiropractor accidentally tore a blood vessel in her neck that lead to death. I actually talked about this with my chiropractor a while back and she told me about Rotary Breaks and Gonstead Techniques – namely she always uses the latter and never the former, and claims that it was likely a Rotary Break that lead to the unfortunate death. I understand that it was a freak accident and the odds of it happening to me are one in a million at best, but I'd still like to hear what you have to say about the safety of both Rotary Breaks and Gonstead adjustments.

  • every chiro I go to, does the same thing. I'm about sick of it. I wished I could find someone that uses your technique.

  • Thanks for this Dr Ryan. I've been getting adjusted for over a year but the chiropractor is quick footed every time I have a question. I really think explanations are valuable. Subbed & Shared and watching with interest.

  • So I shouldn't expect to get a "Flying 7" at your establishment? LOL! Kidding. I agree with you 100%, Doctor! I much prefer being "stretched" than twisted.

  • Question what does it mean when your chiropractor says your necks slightly curved before he does the adjustment and it's still slightly curved?

  • Yup – someone wrenched my neck and felt like my head was gonna pop off.
    Then tried Blair and got worse.

    Now my C2 is twisted significantly 😓

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