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Gout Treatment: Wet Cupping or Hijama

Gout Treatment: Wet Cupping or Hijama

Gout is no joke, get your life back! Wet Cupping, or Hijama, as a Gout Treatment. Cupping is a therapy that has been practiced for millennia throughout Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle
East and regions of South America Hippocrates was a believer of the therapy and used it for many types of diseases as well as for preserving health. It is a treatment in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction. The suction is created either by burning Alcohol or by means of a pump. Wet Cupping is a combination of the created suction and controlled medicinal bleeding. At The Gout Clinic we use small punctures in the capillaries, Resulting in a small quantity of stagnant, dark, blood, drawn out, cleaning the capillaries mobilize local blood-flow, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, improve uric acid evacuation and promote healing. First pre-suction is carried out. The skin is several times punctured with a lancet. The disposable suction cup is placed back in place. The medicinal bleeding can start. One treatment takes about 10 minutes. At the end, the vacuum is released, the cup removed, and the, stagnant, jelly blood, cleaned up. Pain release can be observed instantly. Try it! Gout, is no joke! Get your life back!

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