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Hemophilia A & B | What Clotting FACTORS out? | Nurse Stefan

Hemophilia A & B | What Clotting FACTORS out? | Nurse Stefan

Hemophilia is a blood disorder, where your
blood doesn’t clot the way that it should. Normally when we get a cut or bruise and we
bleed either on the inside, or the outside. 13 different clotting factors work together
to do some of the repair work, and they’re primarily made in the liver. Well in hemophilia, you’re not making 1
of those 13 clotting factors. 1 factor breaks the chain? You ain’t clotting right! Now there’s two main types. The most common is Hemophilia A. That’s when
you’re missing Factor VIII. “A” sounds like “8” Easy to remember,
right? “B” You’re missing Factor number IX. “A” comes before “B” And “8” comes
before “9” Got it? At this time, the only cure for hemophilia
is a liver transplant, but that’s way too risky in most cases, so instead we give clotting
factors through an IV. Some people, get it regularly scheduled, other
people just get it when they get injured. Or in preparation for bleeding, like with
surgery! Make sure that avoiding activities with a
high potential for injury or bleeding, are at the forefront of your care.

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