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How I overcame the fear of needles to help fight flu

How I overcame the fear of needles to help fight flu

Hi my name’s Ant I am the specialist
risk information analyst for BHFT I’ve been in trust for about 13 years and I’m
going to talk to you about my experience we have taken the flu jab and how
positive it was I’d like to assure you that whether your patient facing or not
you should be taking the jab, personally I’ve always been very hesitant I find
I’ve found historically the environments to be quite chaotic with lots of
different people around and it feeds into an anxiety I have around needles
basically so this year one of one of the nurses who was so lovely came to me and
she said you know do you want to get it done in the quiet area before everybody
else so I ended up being the first to get my jab this year in the trust but
because of that support I was offered and the ability to have a quiet area it
allowed me to have the flu jab and not be hesitant about it and not leave it
until the last minute I suppose it’s coming to the end of the year with
the flu jabs so I suppose get it done

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