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How to get more fertile cervical mucus

How to get more fertile cervical mucus

– Now here’s a word that my family won’t let me say out loud anymore, and actually, some of the
guys in consultations, they kind of go “bluh!” when I say it, but hey, we girls, we care about this, and you want to know to improve it, right? Cervical mucus. (upbeat music) Hello, lovelies, and welcome
to another one of my videos in which I’ll be talking to you about how you can improve your cervical
mucus, and you know what? There are lots of things
you can do to do that, but I’m only going to cover
a few to get you started, and if you’d like me to do
another video in the future, let me know in the comments,
and I can do a part two. So let’s chat for two seconds
about what cervical mucus is in case you don’t know. As you approach ovulation
and your fertile window, your body starts to
produce cervical mucus. It’s the discharge that you
may have seen in your panties, or you may have seen it on tissue when you wipe yourself in the bathroom, and you may have already
seen that it changes. It begins being a little bit sticky, more like school glue perhaps, and then, it becomes more
like a creamy lotion, and then, it should become
like raw egg white, you know? Very stretchy, see-through, and then it might turn to
watery or the other way around. Now the stretchy stuff is what we like. You may have seen it
on the internet already in fertility blogs or in
fertility communities. It is often also abbreviated at EWCM, egg white cervical mucus, and I call it the Holy
Grail of cervical mucus ’cause it’s what every gal
wants and for a good reason because this is the most fertile
cervical mucus we can have, and this shows up right before ovulation. The reason that this is so fertile is that it nourishes sperm and it
allows sperm to get through your cervix very easily
towards your Fallopian tubes, and you know what? For sperm, it’s quite a
journey towards the egg, so it’s nice if you have
something that is nourishing and that allows them to go through easily. The other stuff, the more sticky stuff, it’s harder for the sperm to get through, and outside of the fertile cervical mucus, your cervix will be
covered also with a mucus, but this will not actually
let sperm through, and this will also kill sperm off, and the reason for this is you don’t really want
things to travel up there, like bacteria or fungus or parasites. So you really only want
to allow the sperm through when you are fertile, but now, let’s get into the
video about what you can do to improve your cervical mucus. The very first thing you need to do is get on top of candida. Candida is a fungus that causes thrush, or yeast infections as you may know it, and candida, we all have, and it’s fine to have in our bodies. The thing is it becomes a bit of a problem if the candida overgrows. So you need to make sure that your body is not favorable to overgrowth of candida because what does candida do? It completely ruins your cervical mucus. You may have discharge
throughout your entire cycle that is sticky. It might not smell very nice. Those are signs that you have
thrush or a yeast infection. However, it’s also possible
that you have an overgrowth without those very strong symptoms. It might be kind of
sleeping in the background. If you’ve had thrush or
yeast infections in the past, then you should pay extra
attention to this little thing that you need to get on top of because, as I said, candida
ruins your cervical mucus. It makes the cervical mucus more acidic, so it is not very nice for the sperm. It also doesn’t allow sperm
to get through very easily, so it’s very interesting. If you look at the structure
of healthy cervical mucus, you can actually see that physically, the sperm can get through while when it’s riddled
with candida, it can’t. The way that you can do
that is first of all, you need to cut down on sugar and alcohol, and carbs are a form of sugar as well, because sugar feeds the candida. Secondly, you need to take
some good quality probiotics because candida also lives in your gut, and you want to crowd out any
bad bacteria and any fungus, and you can do that by
repopulating your body with good bacteria. There are lots of different
strains of probiotics, and some of them are actually
specific for the vaginal area. So you can ask that at
your health foods store, or you can research it online, but I’ll make sure to write
in the description below what those strains are called because no one can pronounce
those, really, really. Well, maybe the people that
know all the numbers of pi, and another thing that you can also try is Saccharomyces boulardii. Now that one, I can pronounce,
which is a friendly yeast, and if you take a friendly yeast, it crowds out the bad yeast, candida. You also want to make sure in another way that your body becomes more
favorable to good bacteria so that those can crowd out the candida, and you can do that by taking lactic acid, and lactic acid can be
in several products, but a good example is kefir or sauerkraut, and there are lots of
other things like that that can make your body more
favorable to good bacteria. Make sure to check out
the description below because I’ll link in a blog
post that I wrote a while back that is all about how candida
can ruin your fertility and what you can do about
it to get rid of it. Number two is you need to
restore your hormone balance because cervical mucus is produced under the influence of estrogen because at the beginning of your cycle, you may remember this from
any of my other videos, estrogen will go up, up, up, up, up, so that FSH can go up to mature an egg, and then, LH goes up to trigger ovulation. So estrogen is what is
responsible in that first half of your cycle for
producing cervical mucus, and not just that. It also makes that, your
cervix becomes softer and more open so that sperm
can actually go through. So if you are not producing
enough cervical mucus, there is a big chance that
there’s a hormone imbalance going on for you. This is often the result
of taking the pill for several years or
maybe the hormonal coil or the contraceptive injections. So if this is something
that is in your history, then make sure that you consider the detox of the pill homeopathically because in my experience,
while my patients detox, they suddenly see their
cervical mucus increase loads. Because remember, if you have been on the hormonal contraceptives, it basically shuts down
your entire hormonal system. Even the periods that you’re having, they’re not actual periods. You’re not ovulating at all. This whole cycle is not happening, so it is very possible that
after having had the pill that your system doesn’t really
know how to reboot anymore. A detox helps you exactly with that. The third thing that you can do is make sure that you have a healthy liver because you know what? You need a healthy liver to
produce the right hormones, so what do you think about
when you think of a liver and a toxic liver? Yeah, you might think of alcohol. You may think of cigarettes. You may think of caffeine. Make sure that you reduce
the toxins that you take in and that are in your environment so that you don’t put as
much pressure on your liver. You know what? If you wake up around three or four in the morning every night, that’s a sign that your
liver is struggling, so make sure you pay extra
attention to your liver then. Number four, you may have
thought of, maybe not, but you need to stay hydrated. Our bodies are 60% water. Did you know that? But cervical mucus,
hello, is like, 94, 95%. That’s a huge amount, so if
you don’t drink enough water, if you don’t hydrate yourself, it’s hard for your body to
produce the cervical mucus. Hey, and if you’re fed
up with drinking water, the week before ovulation, why don’t you top up on grapefruit juice? Because grapefruit juice has proven to improve cervical mucus dramatically. Last but not least, of
course, there are supplements that you can take to
improve your cervical mucus. So the first thing that I
recommend to all couples that are trying to conceive
is that they take fatty acids. Those are incredibly
important for many reasons, and I’ve also mentioned
them in the video on preparing for implantation and also on improving egg quality, so make sure you check those out as well, but fatty acids are so
important for many reasons, and one of them is to
produce the right hormones. So make sure you top up on those. Another one that is super important for you to be able to produce
hormones is vitamin D. Basically, most of us are
actually deficient in vitamin D, so I recommend to all
my patients to top up, and I tailor it to their skin color, where they live, and the
time of year as well. That’s important to look at, but vitamin D is very important because vitamin D is
not actually a vitamin. It is a hormone. We can produce it ourselves,
so you can imagine, if you want your hormone
balance to be right to produce enough cervical
mucus, you need enough vitamin D, and there’s another supplement
I’d like to mention, and that’s L-arginine. I also mentioned it in one of
the videos on implantation. I’m not sure which one it was again, but I’ll link it in the cards, but L-arginine is what helps to improve circulation in your body, and circulation is
important for implantation because you want all the
nutrients to go to your womb, and you want enough oxygen to be there. However, it’s the same for cervical mucus because you’ve got all those glands producing cervical mucus, and if the blood supply isn’t very good, then how are all the
nutrients going to go there to produce the cervical mucus? I also mentioned a disclaimer
in that other video because you need to know that L-arginine can cause
another outbreak of herpes, so like cold sores, so if you have that, you need
to consider if it’s worth it, or at least talk to your doctor about whether you should or
should not be taking L-arginine. As I said, there are lots of things you can do to improve your cervical mucus, (mellow music)
but I think these steps are a great start for you, and if you want to learn more about how you can improve your fertility, make sure to click on the
playlist on your screen right now, and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit the Like button as well, and if you haven’t
subscribed, please do so, and hit the notification bell so you are updated next time
that I upload new content, which is every Thursday, and in the meantime, see
you in the next video, bye.

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