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How to prevent cupping with good Shopsmith jointer and table saw techniques, and ..

How to prevent cupping with good Shopsmith jointer and table saw techniques, and ..

Folks this is just kind of a long rambling,
disjointed video on using the jointer and a table saw
and the planer to deal with wood movement. And as always for good advice, honest
opinions, and discounts contact me. I want to share something with
you that happened to me some years ago; I was a young woodworker just starting off and I wanted to build a dining room
table, so I went down to lumber store and
picked up the nicest straightest looking pine that I could find and
I was very excited to build a table and the boards for it
basically they were on one by 8 or one by tens if I remember right.
Anyway I’m built the table I joined it all of was very
proud of it; and looked great; my wife loved it until about to two months later and she
said you know I think is something wrong with the
table; I said my what do you mean what could be wrong with it? and she said well look at it. I looked at it-
guys there was such a curve on that tabletop you could have spilled an entire pot of
coffee in middle of it and none of it would have run off! So I thought what can I do here? I figured if wood
could one way, then it could bend the other way. Now remember I I was young and inexperienced didn’t
know about wood movement. I it’s one of those great lessons we we woodworkers
learn.. so anyway I took the table and I turned it upside down. I put all the weight
I could find around and to flatten it back down. and then I glued and screwed two by
fours underneath it. Imagine two by fours on edge, The boards of course for looking sorta like
this, and if you multiply that over
the width the 34 feet you can see what a big curve
that would be so anyway I flattened it down; Sure enough it was nice and flat I
thought we were good to go. Well other month when buyer suddenly in the
middle the night there was this loud crack! and it’s something like a I don’t like
but something that brought me awake my when investigating
what happened was the force of that wood bending actually pulled the two by fours into a
curve until everything just kinda snapped and there were great big cracks down
the Middle a table anyway just didn’t work out all that
well well since then I’ve learned a lot about wood movement and and how critical is so that’s a lot about
what I want to talk to you about here today. when you get your wood a lot of times
it’ll be flat when you buy it. I don’t think you would deliberately by a board it looks
like this but you get home in the change in the
ambient humidity will cause it to Cup like that now
couple things guys if you have a top laner that’s
great but it’s not gonna solve this particular issue well planner will do it has been heavy
rollers and ask why shipboard flats or lay flat has to go through their it’ll make it
parallel in thickness Pomona popular side it’s still gonna Cup I
Lynch bring back into that cup form and the so that’s really not going to do
all we really have to do is flat on one side and a joiner and then take it to the plan to make it
parallel and then it works out just fine now I have had a lot of people say well
why disenchantment make a six-inch wine joyner there’s actually a very good reason for
that night I used to think that as well here’s the reason guys if I took this board missus five and a
half inches wide and i flatten in on a joint you can see
what would happen I would lose the entire bottom section to this
depending upon how much curve is in it and I we lose these corners on top so now my board is starting to shrink in
this direction and that’s not going to be good we have a problem is kinda but I
discussed for that tape matches bed wider board will tend to recap so why do now and I have done this for
many years I just carefully cut everything down to about three and a
half inches i flatten it on a joiner II drying my
edges up so they are may look fine everything’s parallel and square run it
through the up a planer between those steps everything
comes out Ryan so that we’re going to talk about your lil bit more today I can make sure that your projects are
gonna look as good 25 or 50 years from now as the day you’ve got them guys in the process of making this video come to some realizations that I want to
share with you and I’ll talk more about that that at the end at the studio but not in
some ways I’m going to contradict when I’m saying here I’m and you’ll
understand why when you see it very this is a table that I was talking about
you can see how far of it is the other thing you’ll hear a lot parks
and I know that I have but to and even real
read it in a book that says well if you’re bored tending to cut that
way to our alternate the grain but the green up on
1m down on the other well if you think about that what that really
is gonna do is make a tabletop discarded and that’s
probably not what we’re after so we we have to look at a better solution than
that guys I found in my own woodworking that
the quality of my work is highly dependent on the quality my
reference tools and reference to a linesman anything I use for measuring
and marking and the other thing that I like to make
sure that I have is plenty of light I just kinda like to my shop I think I
have 46 were assembled and then all kinds of tasks spotlighting
around as well now to me as cheerful but house may just
see better in and work better as well using a good quality screen like this
this was made by Bryn City tool works and having a good life and that light is
on parking as I love that light up and after probably twenty-five years not
something I got from shops met it allows me to put the light anywhere
that I want to and you’ll notice that it never gets hot I can handle it. and don’t ever have to worry about
burning myself so I put the life where I can see discrepancy do my just months I’m going
to go and folks again you can see how curve
this board is a cup that is another believe me it wasn’t that way when I
bought it so we r going to talk about how to deal with
that issue other the one by 60 it’s five and a half
inches wide and again you can see how much come to
resent it if I R took off all their on a joiner and took
off the other side on the planer you can tell I would lose an awful lot
at work wouldn’t help very much left to work with so what what
I want to do is set up in trip this minute repeater approximately in half and doesn’t have to be exact trying to
match up to bring the best I can and when you do this you put it all back
together grew up arm it’s gonna look finance can stay flat
for you now on ripka and not real meticulous about making
sure this is greyed out on across km the reason for that on a
rip current know that I won’t be running into the joiners as long as my joyner
square I finish cut will be square sir jazz/nu when you put this are in place let me show you this has
really can surprise me over the years I’ve heard people say guard is hard to work with my best guess
is people just passing on something that they’ve heard from somebody else or they’re referring to the early guards
on the a $500 with the 510 520 here’s what I do here’s back to guard
your I’d rather like this with my right hand
thumb and finger on the other side i think is a gripping
it like so now when I’m gonna do is just reach back slighted calm down yeah Philip stops in Titan a locking knob on card now one thing you wanna check for you
guys but make sure that blade is centered to the splitter here the splitter to the plate and there’s no
video that I have it shows how to do that but it that splitter is not senator blade
when you’re making a cut P so what’s gonna hang up on the
splitter but I wouldn’t work without a splitter and are personally fifty years woodworking stardom now if your project requires more precision and what is your
showed you this is something that’s pretty nice
it’s called machine is called a 1-2-3 block pretty obvious reasons it is one-inch
thick two inches wide three inches long and
issues this is a manual tool to set distances for any any setup really and obviously there’s going to be times
when you have different sizes than that so they also include diesel spacers here
and they come in three quarter half and quarter inch 1/8
and 1/16 this comes from bear toss and I believe
I got these at Lee Valley but they’re really nice if you’re doing
precise stuff in this case if our making this setup I would use my
two inch plus my three quarter inch and that’s gonna get me just about where
I want to be in you can probably see here that set up a system here of yes wanna have that clan back on a
two-set faces towards offense okay I was gonna
make sure that we’re taking a measurement on the tooth
faces into the the fence so comes an eyeful carrying case I don’t
work for bear toss so anyway at that works good and
consistency is the key here guys gonna make sure that whatever we’re doing that
were consistent you know I could be off by a 64 to financial and a soda with Obama
cabinet frames as long as are all of the 64 but ones
often ones not of then I’ve got problems set up I’m
going to be using the joiner and the table saw the same
time I could either just picked 3450 which I
know from previous experience it that’s about the right speed for sawing or I could go to my church me
show you how the chart works at the chart button here he confirmed
that means I’m picking the chart now as I go open down here you gonna
notice that these are alphabetical so gonna go backwards I guess I’m going
forwards here year ago so then we’ll hit confirm and as you see
it says 3450 so now here’s the important thing on this
guy’s I had a guy called me up and any a
bottle Power Pro and he was unhappy and I was a surprise attack cuz thats up
the hundreds and hundreds of people that I’ve helped get involved in spar pro i think is his was the only complaint
and he said I didn’t like the way I had to turn on/off all the time turned a button of it took too long well
after talking to my discovered he was doing he was turning the on an off switch and
using now well I and II understand that cuz that’s
what we’re used to doing with the old system but with the Power Pro what you want to
do is leave that in the on position all the time I mean you can turn off doesn’t anything
but if you turn in the opposition you gonna have to go through that restarting
the computer and that would be frustrating so what you do they’ve got me on position then when
you’re ready to go you know on animal say confirm was reading here it says general sawing
forward 3450 okay and we have confirms do okay I just kind of let me turn on one
more time so I’m gonna do I’m doing a lot of
sawing which is pretty common on confirm it the young guys nothing fancy here and
nothing you know it takes I think last time it
did turning speed dial up and down on your machine
on it’ll ask if that’s what you want confirm the alright the okay guys this is my %uh safety portion and there may be more I had people say to me that I almost
seemed angry when people aren’t safe from like I take it personally and I guess in
a way that you guys you know every time somebody gets hurt on a partial because they were doing
something silly I am that that’s one more time than a mother
is not to let her son or daughter get involved in
woodworking that’s one more time than a wife will say to her husband on our not gonna much getting those kind
of things and it just hurts a hurts everybody really when somebody
gets hurt everybody it’s hard for guys user push block user pushed sticks user
bed aboard the jersey here Anna shouldn’t get hurt everything will
be fine are you see here there’s a Japanese two boards at my runs the
joint that will take care of that and then it just tells me that maybe
something was a little bit of on the table saw sir I like to use a
triangular marking system it’s real simple you just put a triangle
across their her one joined be doing another when
used to motherland right next to it and guy from I found his when you read your
boards down you put them back together yeah the place we made a cut isn’t
necessarily the place that you want the boards back together think that’s going
to be the best match done supply with him a little bit and
see what the best-looking sometimes you can hired a bad spot
returning that under need that works great but here are really
fighting I am really got that gap is because it
burns cup so bad here you can see how much will be lose
if we took off I’m through the joiner on an end to the
plane now in setting up joyner this one is
really critical we want to be absolutely sure that that
fences square to the joyner table Emma I always check in on
him P inside because that’s really where a reference point yes again have good lights have a good
square and it’s easy to set up you can set a stop
on your shop Smith joyner to return to his position but I’m probably gonna go ahead and
check with the scrim just sure this one now really needs to be
right it’s not hard to do make a big difference Frontex and pokes
you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good script I’m just one per
bridge serious probably fifty or sixty dollars but if
you get a good machine a square I’m %um get one per animal trawler
fifteen dollars that will do just fine one thing you do want to have as a base
on like that something we can set square in place while you’re adjusting
the tools the statement here is really pretty
simple we want to do is flattened one surface I
picked up Catalans all not to make sure that I
book on every better that service I will run that through the joiner to
flatten that site out we use my push blocks but this then I will take that side that has been
flattened take that up against the fence am joint
the edge I will flip the border basically imprint
at that point take Latin side again against defense so now I have a board
that is flat on one surface am square and flat on demand
straight on that train just men I just take it to the planer to finish a lot to make sure that it’s a
Paralympic miss m2m an edge to edge so once you’ve done
this once or twice casual cedars nothing difficult or complicated about
it I one thing I’d like to point out there there’s an angle to these push blocks
and you wanna put the angle toward you it’ll just let you control board better
Anna when you’re doing your drinking work I
it’s good idea to start with your left foot forward not don’t stand too far back
because when you finish that can up you may find yourself a lot of ballot so
why starting with my left foot forward I can
now go and im clean up or down do it safely have all
the control world Ste do box when I finish classes wanna things
are really emphasizes the importance of about where you stand
you wanna have a stance for your feet are spread apart comparable your balance you notice a
missed shot I am are lower my fear parallel to the joiner
honest am back behind the joiner I’m that would be
uncomfortable and I might have to move my feet in the middle %uh knows it has nothing on the floor then I
can triple solar make sure you take care of all that
before you start your cuts once you’ve done it your these it’ll just be second
nature you’ll notice another table saw cuts on
recut especially I i’m I lean my belly right up against
saw table and Eileen my leg using my left leg up against the
excess reshuffles I’m in close and just puts me in a
better balanced position I think it’s safer better accuracy to do it that way and as always guys make sure that you’re
wearing your safety glasses make sure the cheering hearing
protection that your sleeves are a lot that you don’t have any long lose jewelry I’m speaking up jury II had someone now question me about wearing my wedding
ring while I’m working am obviously guys a
choice you have to make your cell by what I’ve always read what I heard
from the old-timers practice myself is that it’s the loose
jewelry Anna you know us we guys you don’t have
too much left to worry about but something a snug as a wedding ring
am that if that gets caught in something
I’m a moderate you close so it’s too late to
worry about that but again use your own merit judgment on that and your own common
sense one thing I guys that you do have long here pay attention to that I
actually saw somebody get there hair caught in a machine it was not
pretty I am an sweatshirts I were a lot of sweat
shirt smells like rose to dangle down from the hooded
sweatshirts eternal I am once one of things lease for me I
don’t always think about I staking out too well taking us to
carry out my my switchers you so again I’m balanced
year I’m sliding forward giving them with my by
the way forward and electives me bridge and also come to
appreciate the fact that I don’t have to reach across a joiner internet speed down
every single time I turn the machine off met just a feature
new powerful head start I can just leave it at that speed in hit the button and I’m going to go you
can begin to see how this is gonna come together once I run this to the planer matches start looking just really really
nice I guess I’m gonna have to suffer now and
now as I said I’ve got another little message after this started putting this no video together
back in October and as you can see it’s a the daily for
Christmas and a I’m still not finished so you know
it’s a it’s a tough thing and sometimes I
should say it’s tough it’s a lot of fun but damn you know when when you say that’s good
enough and and get it posted up wit you too I one thing about making his videos up
to you if you’ve never done it I have no idea
you know I figured if you wanna make half-hearted do you
figure total 40 minutes and for another half hour videos made our
day so well anyway it’s it is lot of fun but anybody that does it will tell you
that it takes longer and and across other things get in the way as well one other good things is getting in the
way and I’m gonna post up a new video about this I’m we r during a major remodel it a
shot and now it’s not going to be hugely different as far as the layout
tools but the biggest difference is we are
covering my concrete floor with a half inch foam at that time with grain and now I i have to get my wife Susan
credit for that because I saw robust water on it and said I in
that slot money in and I’m not sure that’s what I want in
on mom but she perseveres and it looks great and it also feels
great I’m I’m that stage in life maybe some you
guys really if I stand on concrete for very long mileage screamin and that this new phone is nice
as it works out the way I think it’s going to I will has assembled a pic post a video on and also give you the sources
that we got to stop but so far so good and when I wish
everybody a very very Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
Happy New Year Happy Hannukah Cuonzo whatever your thing as them just hope you have a happy save peaceful Holiday Inn rechter you’re in
2014 thanks for watching this year it now
women continue on with this video and hopefully get out here in the next 24
hours also told you I was going to tell you up
something a little different into this video you know I was going to
a completely redo this table and than mister looking at I realized
even though it’s cracked even though its work even though the finish yes sir no good on it a.m. there’s an
awful lot of memories associated with this table and I’m just going to keep it just just the
way it is

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  • Thought of a question, when you join the wood for a table or door, etc.  What is your preference for joining edge to edge, dowels, biscuits, or what? And another newbie question.  How many clamps are generally enough for edge to edge glueing?

  • Happy New Year Doug to you and your family. I really enjoyed your video! I work with lots of rough lumber and and size most of my lumber to fit my projects. This video helped in understanding wood movement.

  • Nice video, I've been lusting after an 8" jointer, maybe I'll rethink that for a while and save some nickels and dimes.  I have 2 thoughts, one is that the next step after edge jointing should be to rip to known width, since raw lumber width can vary.  You were using store bought boards so I can see where this wouldn't apply in this case.
    Second, I would like to see the connector tube use emphasized when sawing.  One of the great 'AHA' moments was ALWAYS using the connector tubes to prevent motion of the main saw table.  Before I started doing this I kept wondering why my crosscut sled saw kerf kept widening, no more.
    Love your videos, keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

  • Doug – Great video.  Thanks for being our shop teacher for the Shopsmith.  I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and new year.  All the best to you and your family

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    Cheers and g'day from Emu Plains Australia

    David Loker

  • I have a question about the jointer.  What is the maximum length a board can be to feed through the shopsmith jointer?  What the max length if the board has a bow in it?   

  • Think of a jointer as a powered version of a hand plane, used upside down, if that makes sense. Like a plane, the jointer can take off the high spots, and with multiple passes will true the edge.
    In practical terms, on a long board with a bow, I would use a table saw or a long jack plane to get rid of the bow, then proceed as usual.

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  • Strings hanging from a hoodie… A year or so ago one of those darn strings got sucked into my cordless drill fan intake (working up close like you like to!). Didn't ruin the drill but it now has a different sound, must have broken or bent a fan blade or two.

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