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How To Use Cupping For Cellulite and Cellulite Oil Treatment

How To Use Cupping For Cellulite and Cellulite Oil Treatment

I”m going to show you how to use cupping for
cellulite and also use it with a cellulite oil treatment so you can get rid of those
annoying divots and dimples for good. Stay tuned.
Hi, I’m Linda with bodiesafterbabies.com…I have 2 kids and lost 54 lbs and now I’m helping
mommies all over the world to fit back into their jeans, get their sexy back, and find
a life of happy. Most of us have come to believe that we have
cellulite when we are overweight..but there are many women who are very thin and still
struggle with that cellulite. So what the heck is the deal? The secret lies in something
called fascia. You can think of fascia like fishnet stockings. Have you have seen chicken
and when you peel back the skin, there’s that white stringy kind of stuff..that’s fascia.
It’s a layer that goes above the muscle and basically when it gets stuck it goes onto
and sticks on to the muscle and then your fat pokes up. SO you get these little bumps
everywhere. DIsgusting Cellulite. There are different levels and stages of cellulite.
And you can tell the health of your skin just by pinching it. If you can see here, like
I can pinch the skin on my arm but when I show you later if I pinch my legs you cant
get that and that’s and indicator of unhealthy fascia. So here’s what you can use and the
method I use to get rid of that cellulite. It’s totally achievable. I got this in the
mail from Cheeky Physique. They are called Cheeky Cups. And it’s a cellulite smoothing
cupping massage treatment and I partnered with Cheeky Physique on this video. They also
sent me a product called Contour Sleek and it’s a cellulite firming body oil. Now what
I’m going to do is I’m going to use these 2 things together to make a lethal combo and
I’m going to show you how to do it. That cellulite doesn’t have a hope in you know what. So once
I open the box, it comes in this little cute bag ..this travel bag. There are 2 cups. There’s
a medium one and a small one. The medium one is for larger areas like your butt and your
legs…and then the smaller one you can use on your arms or on your stomach. And with
this little carry bag I think it’s really great that I can take it on vacation cause
you’ll want to use this when you go out you know to put your bathing suit on and that’s
so much fun. I purposely haven’t done any cupping in a while so that you can see the
differences and I will be doing another follow up video so that you can see what it looks
like after a few weeks. Here is a before and after picture from using the cheeky cups.
So let’s get demo ing it.

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  • I'm excited to bring this video to you to help you get rid of cellulite. I absolutely love this method and swear by it. It's SO SIMPLE and REALLY EFFECTIVE! Here is the link to the products mentioned in the video. – https://amzn.to/2DllIrN Where does your cellulite like to hang out? Let me know below!

  • Go and have a look at Bellabaci, they have different sizes face and body cups with Genies that targets variety areas . If you want to get rid of cellulite, they have a Cellulite Genie that i highly recommend. I got mine here : @t

  • Ok so if you stopped cupping for awhile to show us the cellulite does that mean this is just ANOTHER temporary fix??

  • Maybe I’m different but, this didn’t work me.. I did it the back side of my legs and it hurt so bad also, I had a huge bruise everywhere I did the cupping.. I was hoping it would work for me..

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