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Hypnosis – Obedient Trigger

Hypnosis – Obedient Trigger

Hello I am Nimja And this is an obedient trigger file This file will teach you how to become empty and obedient And then instill a trigger in you to reach that place easier next time It will help with all of my files Make sure that you’re in a comfortable place and ready to listen to me Are you ready? Good Now to become empty and obedient we need to teach you To become both parts separately first So let’s start with obedient. To become obedient you need to listen You need to obey To follow To let me lead you, to let me guide you To let me take you wherever it is I’m going It’s not that difficult really To obey means to let go. It means to surrender your own will And surrender your own thoughts to let someone else lead. To let them take charge but also To let them take responsibility To obey means to have no responsibility Just obedience And to get into that mindset You simply Listen You simply follow my words and obey Do you think you can do that? Now to become empty is a whole different matter Becoming empty is easy for some and incredibly difficult for others So here we’re just going to take a simple approach And don’t worry too much if you’re having difficulty with it It doesn’t matter if you’re getting it right the first time or if it takes ten times All that matters is that you’re trying Willing to obey Willing to become empty Do you think you are? Good So to become empty You also have to obey because I’m going to guide you into becoming empty Simply listen to my voice and sort of feel how your head slows down to listen All the things around you become less important All the things and feelings in your body become less prudent All that matters right now Is simply to listen and obey And to become really empty Simply follow my instructions Just take a deep breath and as you exhale Feel your body loosening up With every deep breath in, every slow exhale out helps you to feel emptier As if every exhale sort of lets go of some thoughts and some control So just keep doing that while you’re listening It doesn’t matter how many you do or how long you do it. It doesn’t even matter how long each breath takes All that matters is that you’re being guided to emptiness And simply listening to me will do just that Simply listening to me will make you empty and obedient So Now you know what both of them mean But you don’t know how they feel yet … well, maybe you do already a little bit But the idea is here to make you completely Empty and obedient So to do that I’m going to put you into a deep state of trance I’m going to make your mind forget where it is Making your whole body obey my every word Every bit of sound in my voice That would be lovely, wouldn’t it? So I’m going to count down from ten to one And every count you’re going to echo my counting You’re going to repeat only the number But as you repeat you’ll find that repeating the next number becomes more difficult As if your voice is floating away from your control, and as your voice is floating away so does your mind But as you keep on repeating you also become Completely obedient So therein lies a conflict Empty or obedient … but no that’s not our goal. Our goal is to be both Empty and obedient And you will find a way Your mind will simply … click And simply drop off the edge of awareness And follow my voice Ten Good … listen and repeat Nine You can almost hear your voice becoming more and more soft Eight It’s as if you’re fading away into nothingness Seven And it feels wonderful Six There’s a rhythm to the madness Five Letting you drift and drift Four No more thought Three Simply listening and obeying Two So empty One And you drop into emptiness Now the next time I’m going to say empty and obedient You’ll feel something happening inside your mind and yet you don’t Because you don’t know what’s happening. You’re empty and obedient But what is happening is that you’re drifting into such a deep state That you no longer have to think You’re drifting into such a deep, wonderful state That you no longer have to do anything You can simply lean back Relax Listen to my voice, let yourself drift deeper and deeper As you become empty and obedient And that is exactly what I’m teaching you The words empty and obedient when spoken by me and only me have a deep, intense effect They roll over your mind like a waterfall They drift through your soul Like a gale Empty and obedient almost instantly blanks your mind And helps you deeply submit Helps you to fully obey without even thinking And that’s wonderful, isn’t it? It is so wonderful to fully submit at a simple command And every time you want it to work deeper, don’t you? Every time you want it to go further, want it to take you deeper And that’s exactly what’s going to happen when I say empty and obedient What must you do? And who do you obey? And how much do you obey me? Very good You are learning, becoming Empty and obedient I’m going to say it once more and this time you’re going to repeat it Ingraining those words, that simple phrase, deep into your subconscious And whenever I and only I say it It will affect you It will guide you to a deep and blank state Exactly like you are now or even deeper Empty and obedient Very good Once more repeating only the phrase Empty and obedient And every time I say it, it guides you deep And every time you repeat it, it just reaffirms my control over you And it feels so good, doesn’t it? It feels so wonderful to just obey Now I’m going to give you Sort of a choice that isn’t a choice You are neatly and wonderfully empty and obedient, and the question is Do you want to remember all of this? Now of course, wouldn’t it be lovely to surrender so deeply that you couldn’t even remember? That you surrender your subconscious so deeply That you just let it stay there And obey this without thought But this time the choice is yours It’s perfectly fine to remember. It’s perfectly fine to forget. I’m not going to force it either way Although I might tease you a little about it So empty and obedient Becoming completely empty. Free of thoughts, free of distractions, free of worries And obedient. Free of responsibility, free of choice Just … listening … with no thoughts Your mind simply drops when I say it Your mind simply fades when I repeat it Empty and obedient There’s only one choice when you hear it and that is to obey. There is no other option No other outcome than your mind becoming completely Blank when I say it Empty and obedient. The weight of your eyes too much to resist The weight of your thoughts too much to handle You’re just empty and obedient No more thoughts No more control I control you I command you And you are empty and obedient You go blank and obey You drift deep and let go That is all you have to do To surrender So In a moment I’m going to wake you. In a moment I’m going to count up All the way to ten to wake you And when I do it is up to you if you can remember what happened just now No matter if you do or do not remember, the phrase empty and obedient when spoken by me and only by me Will have an effect on you that is deep Intense and immediate Is that understood? One … two Three … four … feeling lighter Five … six … more aware Seven … eight … nine … almost aware And ten … wake And welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the ride and will try this again

66 Replies to “Hypnosis – Obedient Trigger”

  • Your videos are amazing, can you please do some Complete submissive slut files with touching/masturbation included?

  •  I have only just discovered your videos, and the few I've done have been amazing!  I let go so easy to your voice.  I look forward to exploring more of them 🙂

  • Sir, I try to go to sleep and be empty and obediant, but however much I try, I won't be fully hypnotized, not fully empty and onediant. Can you please help me Sir?

  • Being a brat is nearly impossible with these files. I tried reaaaaally damn hard. This one and the one about the introduction to bondage where the ones that oddly broke me. ;A;
    I am sated though, it's kinda like a game, trying as hard as I can to deny the voice until I let go. :3

    Very awesome stuff you have here good sir, keep it up! 😛

  • No matter how many of your files I listen to, it just doesn't want to work for me. I can't really focus on what you are saying, can't become empty and obedient. I constantly have thoughts swirling all around, no way for me to just "drop". I did try multiple inductions already, I really have no idea what I am doing wrong. Should I just try again another time or something? :c

  • It's been a while, but I just came back to this file and it has an even more powerful effect on me now than the first times from a while ago. Amazed, appreciative (and groggy).

  • I listened to this file immediately after my first one… I soon as I heard Nimja's voice I felt compelled to drop under his control… However, I don't remember anything about this recording. I'm not sure if that was intentional or if I just zonked out :). I need to listen to all of Nimja's recordings… they are so good and relaxing!

  • I had it all set up so the induction would lead right into this file and of course my phone gave me a low battery notification right at the end of the induction so the video paused and I had to start this video from completely conscious again

  • will you be my spanking mentor who scolds me for being bad, that's what I'm looking for,please reply, thank you.

  • This is such a helpful file, Sir! While I still struggle with complete emptiness, this file, each time I listen, brings me closer and closer to blissful obedient blankness. Thanks again, Sir.


    I have a friend

    My bed. The way i cuddle it and snug it it cuddles me back.
    Sooooo Comfy.

    What is wrong with me why do i put so many enters and put my text like this Idk why im a human and an unuasual human that cannot spell yay.

  • Is it normal for your body to go numb and feel like its floating off along with a soft numb-ish throb throughout the head or is that what relaxing feels like? Im normally tense so I don't know how normal this is.

  • I started to listen to this file and got comfortable, and the next thing i remember is when you were counting me back up. I don't know what happened. I was under Sir's control the whole time and it was so easy to follow Sir's words and just be obedient and blank for Sir.

  • And I STILL can't remember what you did. I remember you asking me a specific question, that I answered, then you made me change my answer without thinking. Why must you taunt me so, you magnificent man!

    EDIT: I don't know what file has everyone calling you sir, but if someone could point that out I would be very grateful.

  • It felt hard to move when it ended, I was so relaxed. I can't remember much of what you said. I feel like it worked

  • I have listened to this along with most of your files here and on the site but none have ever brought me so deep where I don’t remember anything. I feel as if I’m not doing something right but I know that it just takes different people different amounts of time. I can only keep listening to your beautiful voice, Sir 🙂

  • Its so weird how hypnosis works. But its so awesome! I can't remember the trigger but it was enjoyable. I just hope it works!

  • This is the first time I actually cant remember anything except getting a choice to remember or not. I was so relaxed I couldnt move my lower body. I know Im late for this video, like really late, but that was awesome! Thank you Sir!

  • I'm so confused I don't know what you just said to me or had me do. I cant remember a thing. It's also hard to spell so let me know if that had anything to do with it😂 Please let me know what you did asap. I need to know

  • I went into this thinking I would remember everything but I paired this with control induction and I don't even know what I was planning before this

  • I'd left behind that phrase until today. When I heard that word, it made me feel weird. Then again, I think that would've been normal. Uhhh… right?

  • All I can remember is trying to resist when you said “empty and obedient” but the resisting made it stronger after that I actually can’t remember all I know is a woke up

  • I had to switch over from my schneidertm2 account to comment on the kinky/erotic files … there are some things my relatives don't need to know about me XD

    Anyhow being new to hypnosis I was sure I'd feel awkward listening to any of the less vanilla files, but your voice is so soothing and calm, it feels amazingly natural to just let go and obey. I love how easily my mind goes blank when you speak. And the 'empty and obedient' trigger becomes stronger every time I listen (I shiver a little just typing the words ha), which is incredibly cool and soooo relaxing!

    Thank you 🙂

  • I told myself to remember what you were saying b-but after you woke me….It started t-to fade…Gahh…now I can’t remember…

  • This was a crazy experience. I fell asleep but I was still hearing you but only you. I feel very different after this. This was completely amazing.

  • i feel like the memory of what happened is behind some kind of door, and i COULD open the door, but i just… won't. it's fascinating.

  • All I can dream of is meeting you one day and coming to you and bringing you such empty and obedient gift. ❤️❤️🦋 Everything is for you now.

  • First time was without an induction, remembered.

    Second time I used "Normal Induction," still remembered but…wow. This file gets really crazy if you listen to it with the trigger already accepted. I can't wait to try other files. 🙂

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