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Hypnosis Optical Illusion – Amazing!

Hypnosis Optical Illusion – Amazing!

: Before we invite you to participate
on stage, I have an optical illusion to show you.
I think you guys are going to like it. Jacky has got it right here.
This is not hypnosis, so don’t start freaking out thinking I’m going to hypnotize you right
now. It’s just an optical illusion.
I promise the effect is very cool. Everyone should follow the law.
So what I have you do is begin staring at the spiral. Don’t look anywhere else.
Concentrate only there. Now as you concentrate there, I’m going to
count down from 7 to 1. As I do, keep staring there.
Do not look away. If you look away, it’s going to break the
effect. Here we go.
Seven. Keep staring there. Six, five, four. You may begin to feel like
tunneling effect. That’s okay. That’s a good sign.
Three, keep staring there. Two, one. Now look at Jacky’s breasts.
: Now was that cool or what?
Alright, thanks. Oh we’re going to do another one.
We’re going to do another one. This one requires more participation on your
behalf. So I’m going to have you do this: put your
feet flat on the ground. Both arms straight in front of you just like
Jacky is doing right over here. Both arms straight in front of you.
Hold your hands about 6 inches apart. A little wider ma’am. A little wider.
There you go. That’s not six inches. Someone lying to you.
Alright. What I have you do now is put your hands together.
Now begin rubbing your hands. Begin rubbing your hands.
Generate some heat. Put some pressure between those hands.
You guys have the right idea. You look like a bunch of Mr. Miyagis.
You’re doing good. In a moment, I’m going to test your subconscious
mind. Here we go.
What I’m going to have you do is stop rubbing your hands and go back to the starting position.
Now close your eyes. Close your eyes, imagine and create that there
were magnets attached to your palms. Begin to feel the magnets becoming active,
causing your hands to draw closer, and closer, and closer than ever before.
As you continue to focus concentrate, you should begin to feel magnetic energy between
those hands drawing closer, and closer, and closer until your hands actually do touch.
When they do touch, leave them in that position. For the rest of you keep focusing and concentrating.
You can stop right there. Pop your eyes open. Have a look at your hand position.
Have a look at the next to you. Some of you responded a little better than
others. A round of applause.
How many of you felt your hands going together? Who felt that? Anybody?
Did you feel that? Excellent. That just means that you’re in the right frame
of mind to be a star in this evening’s performance.

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