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Hypnotic Demo Loaded Questions Thought Loops

Hypnotic Demo Loaded Questions Thought Loops

All right, let’s use a relatively loaded
topic, because people will have strong opinions of this. Are you free? Notice what he’s doing. Do you see a little trance spot happening? People call this thinking, but it’s a relatively
low level thinking. So you say you’re free? Yes. Are you sure? It depends on what’s happening. Do you notice how now he’s stuck in a thought
loop? Do you see these full patterns that are looking
on the same level? I want you to really think about it. What does freedom actually mean to you? Notice what’s happened here. Do you see we just popped through a thought
loop? He was stuck in a place where he was ready
to argue with me about why he’s free and he’s not free really and so on. Intellectual things that are useless. But notice where his mind is. Do you feel his mind’s going into a little
depth? He’s searching for something, but you can’t
quite put your finger on what that is yet can you? You know it’s searching. It’s furious like there’s a hamster in
a wheel in the back of your mind running like crazy, but you have no idea where it’s going
right? So really think about that. Did this remind you of something, the intensity? But I’m not pushing the same way right,
you can feel the intensity right? Really think about that. Does something else come up? I’ve just given him an exit, notice that? I’m wondering if… See, now he’s learning to think and this
is where freedom actually comes from, by the way. So by asking the question, it’s actually
a paradoxical question, because in the act of answering it he will become it more, but
I’m not really interested in the question as much, although a little bit I am. What I’m more interested in is the mental
tools I am forcing him to develop. You don’t normally think this way do you? Quite a lot actually You do it quite a lot? About magic? About philosophy and reality, etc. Oh excellent. Good. So carry right on then. One of the things… Thank you. He just gave it to me. In what way? What is he asking for? He’s asking for a specific tool. I haven’t given him one, but being ambiguous
with my instructions to keep going. What was my original tool? It was the question, what does freedom really
mean? What does freedom mean? I mean it’s a simple answer right? I’m helping guide him a little bit, so what
would be a simple answer? A simple answer would be the ability to make
your own decisions. Right, and what’s the problem with that
answer? Well, the problem is, how do you make your
own decisions? Where do those decisions come from? How is that a problem? Well, most decisions come from your unconscious
mind. How do you know? Well… And there we are again. Do you see where we’re going? Do you feel like you’re going to places
that, even though you’re used to this it’s still forcing your mind into it over and over
again. By the way these are trance-like responses
aren’t they? I could very easily at this point just really
think about how free you are. I wonder if this hand will move towards your
face so that your unconscious mind figures out different elements of freedom you haven’t
even thought about. So now he’s in a bind now. He wants to pay attention to his hand but
the questions actually more intriguing than the hand. But now the hand is actually learning to move
in a different way. Not in the way he’s used to, creating automatic
motion. This is not an idiodynamic response anymore,
because he’s not focusing on the hand moving, he’s focusing on the idea of freedom. It’s a very different and alien idea, but
we’re still getting an unconscious response which is no longer idiodynamic at this point. When his hand touches his face I think it’s
going to have an interesting insight, don’t you? Well yeah, but I don’t know what it is. That’s right. Now you’re learning, and I’m encouraging
that because that’s unconscious territory. That is new territory, he’s not stuck in
a thought loop. That’s education, by the way. If you did this in schools children would
line up. They’d come early, leave late.

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