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Ilah’s Best Moments | Best of | Cut

– Yeah. My name is Ilah Dizon. Ilah Dizon. Ilah Dizon. And I’m a full-time student. Full-time student and mom. And WatchCut person. (laughing) – No. – Well, ’cause she’s asian. (laughing) Ooh, I’m pretty good at this. This is so hard. You’re a wolf. The inverted cross. The math one. Yeah, yeah, pussy lips. You’re hello dolly. Final decision, crotch tattoo. (laughing) Fire crotch tattoo. Sex worker? Take off the garment. Oh my god. I’m just, like, censoring the nipples. (laughing) Um, yeah, that kind of
looks like a porn body. (balloon popping)
(screams) Why? – You can give Santa just
a little kiss right there. – I am going to try
acupuncture for the first time. Oh, balls! All the stress is gone, this is awesome. I’m like a unicorn. When do you think my first time was? – I think when you guys
went to homecoming. (laughing) – Yeah no that wasn’t the first time, but. – That wasn’t the first time? (exclaiming in disgust) – Was that, like, too much? What did I fricking say? – Are you intimidated by
standing next to a porn star? – Yeah. I knew it, I said I was gonna regret this. – I wouldn’t guess me either,
I’d guess you if I was (laughing) – Is premarital sex something that puts me on the naughty list? (laughing) okay, I’m sorry. Oh of course! Fire crotch! Jeez. That I’m a dick. You guys are gonna make me do
crazy shit, I already know it. (applauding) Holy crap, you guys! I want a group hug! – Are you for real? – Yeah, legit. – Yay! Sex workers unite and non sex workers! (laughing) I feel so bad. (laughing) – [Camera Man] All right, that’s a cut.

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