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Improving Fertility | Kaiser Permanente

Improving Fertility | Kaiser Permanente

(friendly, upbeat music)>>Shauna Hicks, MD OB/GYN
– In order to improve
fertility, you wanna do all the things that doctors
always tell you to do. Eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. Additionally, being a
healthy weight can help you to ovulate normally, and
normal ovulation is key in order to be fertile.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
– So the best opportunity
to maximize your chance of fertility is to know
your menstrual cycle.>>Caytie, Planning a Pregnancy
– Because I’ve had some medical issues, I’m working with my doctor
to standardize my cycle, so we can figure when the
best time to get pregnant is.>>Shauna Hicks, MD OB/GYN
– Most women have a cycle that’s approximately 26 to 35 days long. And you ovulate, which is
when the egg is released, about 14 days before your next period.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
– There are lots of different
apps that are available, and screening tests that are
available over the counter that will help kind of narrow that time frame down for a woman.>>Ebony, Nine Weeks Pregnant
– I met with my doctor
before I got pregnant. And I was advised perhaps to see infertility specialists. And I had set the first
appointment to do that. And then I got the surprise that that wasn’t gonna be necessary. So here I am.>>Kathy Wood, MD OB/GYN
– So infertility is
defined as not being able to get pregnant after one full year, so I wouldn’t worry until you’ve
been trying for a full year before asking your physician for help. If you’re over the age of
35, then we ask you to come in at six months because we don’t want you to be trying for too long at home. If you have any medical issues or you’re not having regular cycles, you can of course see
your physician earlier if you suspect that there’s a problem.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
The physician will have a
conversation that determines what are the three likely
causes of infertility.>>Kathy Wood, MD OB/GYN
– Sometimes it’s a problem with ovulation, so whether an egg is released or not. So we talk about your cycles,
how long your cycles are, how frequent they are.>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN
– The father would have
an assessment as well too. Looking at the sperm count to make sure that there are sperm available
for normal fertility. And then the third
factor that we wanna look at is the Fallopian tube. That’s where all the magic happens. So you wanna make sure that that sperm and the egg
are able to get together.

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