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Infant Ear Infections and Chiropractic Adjustment

Infant Ear Infections and Chiropractic Adjustment

My name is Jim, and this is my daughter, Julianne,
and she’s been seeking chiropractic care since about two weeks old. She’s almost two, she’ll be two in about two
weeks. My wife works for the chiropractic firm, and
so we’ve seen in both of our older kids, her and myself a significant health improvement
by seeking care. And she actually got stuck at the last quarter
turn, and had a slight issue with her shoulder right off the bat, from birth. So, we’ve seen the health benefits and we
wanted to try to get her adjusted and get her spine functioning as well as possible
from as early age as we could. She fussed a little bit, and within about
two seconds of the adjustment, immediately relaxed and was calm and just was peaceful. She had chronic ear infections for a while
and so we were getting her adjusted about three times a week, until we got through that
phase. And, since then, since we’ve gotten past that
it’s now usually twice a week, sometimes three depending on schedules. Her ear infections started at about eight
or nine months old. They were mild at first, and got a little
more severe to the point where we were scheduled for ear tube surgery. We were able to cancel that completely, because
what she’s been getting and the benefits have cleared her up she’s able to drain. Dr. Jeremy focuses a lot on the atlas, to
be able to increase the ability for her drainage to happen, and we haven’t had an ear infection
in months now. The treatment has really worked with the adjustments,
to the point that she’s less congested now than she has been in her whole life. I recommend chiropractic care to basically
everyone. I’m not your one-sided person either. When my wife first started working for the
company, I listened to all the information, it makes sense, but as a math teacher it’s
kind of one of those things when I looked at, it makes sense on paper but does it really
work? When I first started seeking treatment, within
months I ended up losing about 15 pounds just because my body was working better. Since I very first started, I’m actually down
about 25 pounds right now and looking to keep going. So I know that’s not really necessarily related
to the ear, but it’s, the proof exists when you experience it, more than anything else. She is the hundredth human.

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