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Introducing the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser | Young Living

Introducing the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser | Young Living

Hi! I’m Toby with Young Living and this
is the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser You are going to love it! The Aria diffuses any
Young Living Essential Oil It’s a beautiful piece of decor and it will fit
elegantly in any room in your house Assembling the Aria is simple First take the two small plastic pieces found in the box We’ll start with a splash guard Simply settle the splash guard right onto the post inside of the bowl Next is the air funnel goes right inside of the bowl Now this is supposed to fit snugly If it doesn’t seem to go on Simply flip it over and be persistent Next we’re going to fill it with distilled or filtered water Be sure not to overfill the Aria with water Use the line inside of the bowl as a guide Now take your favorite Young Living Essential Oil And put in about 10 to 15 drops Put on the glass bowl Plug it in And you’re ready to go Now to turn on the Aria Take your remote control Point it to the sensor and press the on button Now when the Aria comes on You’ll hear music Now the Aria comes with 12 minutes of relaxing sound Want to listen to your
own music? Use the included audio cable to plug in your own mp3 player When listening to your own music make sure the Aria’s melody is off The Aria will diffuse for about five or six hours And when the oil and water are
gone the Aria will shut off automatically So the remotes very easy
to use you have your power on power off Then you also have your 1H, 2H, and 3H,
that refers to the hours on On the other side you have your melody on an off button And then you have your volume control up and down The last button, LED, controls are is relaxing lights Want to change the oil for a new aroma? Simply pour the water out of the bowl Avoiding the sensor and the electrical jacks I recommend cleaning the Aria after every use Simply wipe it down with a clean
towel Use a cleaning brush included in the box to clean the ultrasonic plate Should you lose or break anything Don’t worry Young Living has all the replacement parts you need That’s it The Aria is simple to use and will look beautiful in any room in your home

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