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Is Scoliosis Really a Problem That Chiropractic Care Can Fix?

Is Scoliosis Really a Problem That Chiropractic Care Can Fix?

Hi, this is Dr Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic,
your drug-free doctor. Today I want to walk through an example of
what we do here at the office and how we use corrective chiropractic care. I see a lot of people who come into my office
who have seen other chiropractors before and didn’t necessarily get the results they were
looking for. We get a higher level of results because we
do a very specific type of corrective care, and I want to show you exactly how that works. This is an example of what we would see with
scoliosis. Your spine normally should be completely straight. Your hips, your shoulders should be balanced. As you can see here in this x-ray, the pelvis
is tilted and the spine is curved. Now many times people will tell you scoliosis
isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, a lot of times patients come in knowing
they have scoliosis, but don’t think it’s a big problem. The truth about scoliosis is that it can take
up to 14 years off your life, that it’s going to damage every major lower abdominal organ
and your endocrine system, that it leads you more likely to have injuries and disability
in the future. So scoliosis is a big deal and the earlier
you are able to get that checked, the better correction we can get and the less issues
you’re going to have in your life. Now a lot of people will also tell you these
are uncorrectable issues and in many cases that’s true unless you do the advanced corrective
care that we do. So number one, we do a very thorough evaluation
to find out exactly what’s causing the problem and we look at everything associated with
health. Then we want to make sure we take proper x
rays. If you’re going to a chiropractor and you’re
not taking x rays, then you are not getting corrective care. If you’re not getting re x rays, you never
know that you actually fixed the problem. So someone with scoliosis typically will have
issues like you see here: on and off, low back pain, digestive problems, hip, knee,
shoulder problems, and these are musculoskeletal issues. This isn’t a back problem. It’s not a muscle problem. It’s not even a digestive problem. It’s a nerve problem because when your spine
out of alignment, that’s called subluxation. It actually interferes with how the brain
communicates to the body, shuts down function in the muscles, tissues, organs, and creates
dysfunction and disease. That’s why subluxation is so serious. That’s what we specialize in correcting. So once we know the problem, this here is
a very specific way to be able to get that corrected, but you start out here in a state
of dysfunction. Number one, we need to get the body moving. That’s why we do warmup exercises, wobble,
traction, mobility, soft tissue therapies. Number two is we have to create movement again. These areas are out of alignment, creating
significant nerve stress. So with the chiropractic adjustment we’re
able to specifically restore motion and alignment to remove that in nerve interference or like
opening up a floodgate of life to the body to allow that nerve supply to get to the body
so your body can repair, regenerate, and heal itself. Number three is we need to set that in through
what’s called neuromuscular reeducation, retraining the brain and nervous system. Number four: strengthening and stabilizing
at home with very specific exercises. And when you do all that and you follow through,
what you can do is see changes just like this. We’re actually able to balance the pelvis,
straighten the spine, and restore health. What does that mean? Remove the interference, the body heals itself. the amazing Dr. You knows exactly what to
do, heal and get better. What is the difference here? No more pain, no more medications, no more
digestive problems, healthier than he’s been in 10 years because of the corrective care
difference. So if you’re struggling with pain, health
problems, or you just want to see how your body’s doing, make sure you comment below. Definitely subscribe to the Youtube Channel,
share this with everybody you know, because we’re helping people get natural drug-free
solutions through corrective chiropractic care to help the body heal itself from the
inside out. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time.

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  • I have a slant in my posture. I've had it for years. I never thought it was a big deal. I didn't know anything about scoliosis. Lately I've had enigmatic vision problems, nervous system issues as well as hormonal and digestive issues. I've been to the doctor and have had tests run to no avail. I never knew scoliosis could cause so many problems. I live in rhode island. I need to see a good chiropractor like you in my area. Please help. I want my life back. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you

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