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IVF When is it ok to stop progesterone?

IVF When is it ok to stop progesterone?

Progesterone is critical to maintaining
a pregnancy. But when is it okay to stop progesterone in IVF and frozen IVF cycles? Find out on today’s episode of InfertilityTV In order for an embryo to
implant in the uterus the uterine lining must first be prepared with estrogen
followed by progesterone. In order to prevent a miscarriage, progesterone must
continue to be present after the embryo implants. In a natural pregnancy, progesterone is initially produced by the ovaries. Eventually, the placenta will take over production of progesterone from the ovaries In an IVF cycle, some of the medications used to prevent early ovulation like Lupron or Ganirelix, can compromise the progesterone production from the ovaries. Also, doing an egg retrieval can further reduce progesterone production. In a frozen embryo transfer, all of the hormones used to prepare the uterus are given to a woman so there is no progesterone production from the ovaries at all So in both cases, extra progesterone must be taken by a woman until the progesterone
production from the placenta is adequate to support the pregnancy But when does this shift of progesterone production from the ovaries to the placenta occur? Scientists were able to figure this out by doing studies in monkeys They found that if you remove the ovaries of a pregnant monkey before the 7th week of pregnancy, progesterone levels dropped and then the pregnancy always miscarried. On the other hand, when the ovaries were removed after the 8th week, progesterone levels stayed about the same and miscarriages didn’t occur. However, if you remove the ovaries before the 7th week, but you gave the monkey progesterone then the progesterone levels didn’t drop and the pregnancies continued just fine The same thing occurs in humans. It’s always possible for there to be a little more variation from one woman to the next so at top IVF programs, like ours at the Naperville Fertility Center we keep progesterone
going until about nine to ten weeks Here’s how to determine how many weeks your pregnancy is If you are doing a blastocyst transfer, then
you are two weeks and six days along on the day of transfer, so you should
continue progesterone for another 6-7 weeks I didn’t talk about the
different types of progesterone in this video. You need to learn about the
specific types of progesterone and how to use them to maximize your chances for
IVF success Check out this video about Crinone vaginal progesterone next. but, before you go, be sure to LIKE this video if you have questions or an idea for a
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