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[Japanese ASMR] Tapping & Scratching on box / Ear Cupping, Whispering / 箱をタッピング&スクラッチング

Please wear headphones or earphones. Hi, I’m Hatomugi. This time, as requested, I will be using the box of the fidget cube to do ear cupping, I will do tapping and scratching. Then, let’s put the boxes on. They do fit perfectly. First, nail tapping. I will do nail tapping. It’s nice, since it resounds in the ears more directly than normal nail tapping, it becomes a sharp sound. I wonder if someone is no good with it, what do you think? Well, this was pretty popular in the videos I posted before. Next is nail scratching. This one is also quite a sharp sound. How is it? Next, I will be doing finger tapping with the tips of my fingers. This one is more of a mild sound so it’s gentle to the ear. I wonder if you prefer this way of using the tips of the fingers for when I tap the box. What do you guys think? Then, let’s remove them. How was it? Then, let’s leave it here for today. Thank you for watching until the end. So, let’s see again in other videos. Have a good night. Good night~

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