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Kids Mindfulness Meditation MINDFUL BREATHING to SLOW DOWN & RELAX Children’s Meditation

Kids Mindfulness Meditation MINDFUL BREATHING to SLOW DOWN & RELAX Children’s Meditation

hello and welcome to your mindfulness
meditation where we will focus only on feeling good
very well done for taking some special time out just for you in our busy days
we can be in a rush or feel like everything is a race and we can have
lots of energy and lots of thoughts all at once it can really help to take some
time out to slow down breathe clear our thoughts and Center our energy then we
can connect to our own inner peace and happiness in our mind in our heart and
in our body start now by stretching your body out then getting into a really cozy
comfortable position whether you’re sitting up straight or lying down close your eyes and focus on your
breathing noticing the gentle rise and fall of
your chest as you breathe in and out relax the little muscles around your
eyes and mouth and let your shoulders relax and your arms belly legs and feet
relaxed now to focus only on the sensation of the fresh
air flowing into your body and then out again with every breath you feel more at
peace and you enjoy the stillness you have created you take a deep breath in through your
nose filling your belly with air then let the air flow out and allow your
breathing to go back to its natural rhythm your body breathes so naturally and it
always knows how much air it needs all the Earth’s animals breathe in some
way and our Earth’s trees and other plants breathe in their own way to breathing in fresh air grounds us to the
earth and connects us with all of nature we can feel joy in this simple delight
of breathing as you keep breathing naturally you
enjoy feeling free as the healthy air flows in and out you think about some very relaxed and
chilled out animals such as the tortoise the sloth and the snail they go about
life in a slow steady relaxed state which can be very healthy to try when we
feel the need to calm down rest and recharge our energy all we need to do is to slow down and
take some steady breaths to feel really good you may hear sounds around you both near
and far you are aware of these sounds but you
bring your attention back to your breathing your mind is clear and calm as you enjoy
the time and space to simply breathe as you enjoy the sensations of breathing you feel safe happy and relaxed your
energy glows brightly around you so pure and powerful and so peaceful you have done some excellent mindful
breathing remember that slow steady mindful breathing is your secret special
tool for feeling good and you can do it anytime anywhere now it’s time to bring
your attention back into the room wriggle your fingers and toes and slowly
open your eyes as you feel calm confident and refreshed best wishes and
happy breathing

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