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Knitting Help – Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needle Sets Review

In this video, I’m going to give an overview
and my review of two ChiaoGoo needle sets. And they’re… People ask me all the time, in my opinion
of different needles, and until recently, I haven’t really stepped in and tried all
of these needles people are asking me about. So we have a few weeks of reviews of different
things, different knitting products. I decided to just get it over with and buy
them and try them, and make some videos so that I can let people know what I think of
them. And this ChiaoGoo, this is actually two needle
sets, I am really impressed with these. I am so glad that everyone was saying, “You’ve
got to give these a try.” Well, let’s just go ahead and take a look
because I’m…I think it’s pretty exciting. Okay. We’ll look at this first, which hardly even
looks like an interchangeable needle set, does it? And we’ll take out all the pieces because
this is nuts. These are the needles. These go from U.S. size 000, or 1.5 millimeter,
up to U.S. size 1.5 or 2.5 millimeters. Look at these. In the past, I’ve always told people, because
it was the truth, that we can’t have interchangeable needle sets any smaller than, like, a U.S.
size 4 because the needle would be smaller than the join, and that wouldn’t work. But ChiaoGoo has made this tiny, teeny, little
join. I realize this is really small to see for
you guys, and that’s the 000. And look at how we can store them because
they’re so small, and here’s the…this is U.S. size 1.5. Now, this is a 5-inch needle tip set, and
with this we get 3 chord sized, 3 cord links, 14 inches, 22 inches, and 30 inches. And the 14-inch ends up making 24-inch needles. So, just like with other interchangeable sets,
you screw the needle into the cord, and then jump over to the little notions kit that comes
with it, and you take the key, and pop it into the hole in the cord. And then you can hand tighten it the rest
the way. But ChiaoGoo’s gotten really smart about this,
and they give us this little heart because these needles are so thin, it’s hard to get
a grip on them. But with this little rubber heart, silicone
heart, you can hand tighten it easily by using this for grip. And then you can use the heart again to take
the whole thing apart. Now these chords are amazing. ChiaoGoo cords are new to me. They are a plastic covered, steel cable. And they’re flexible, but also, still have
enough stiffness so you can slide stitches down them. And I haven’t been using my set for a long
time, but everything everyone tells me is that these do not hold a memory. So if you have them wrapped up like this in
your needles in your kit, they’re not going to always be trying to snap back into the
shape just because you store them that way. I think that’s pretty great. Also, with this kit, you get end stoppers
and some colorful little stitch markers, as well as a needle gauge and ruler. And because these needles are so tiny, it
all goes into this little, itty, bitty pouch and that’s your whole needle set. Now, looking at this again, we go from U.S.
size…and let me talk about metric sizes. Metric sizes 1.5 millimeter up to 2.5 millimeter,
right? Let’s jump over to this set because I’m so
excited about this. The first needle size in this set is 2.75
millimeters. We skipped nothing. With these two sets of needles you go from
U.S. size 000 up to U.S. size 15. That’s everything. I’m really impressed with that. Now, don’t be alarmed. There’s no needle setting in here because
I’m actually using these needles on a hat right now, but there is normally a needle
set there. Okay. I’m gonna put away these minis. This join is actually called the Mini join,
and it uses the mini cables. And then we get into these needles here. We have, you know, it’s kind of a standard
size join that you would see on other interchangeable sets. This is called the small join, and then when
we get into the enormous sizes over here, we have the big join, the large join. And this is really smart of ChiaoGoo, I think,
because it’s a bigger thread, a bigger join, so that when you’re sliding stitches across,
there is less of a size difference. And so, in theory, you know, I haven’t had
a chance to use these big needles yet. But in theory, things are going to slide more
easily if they’re not going from a tiny cord and a tiny joint up to the big, huge needle
size. I think that is great. And these work just like the other ones with
the cord and the key. Let me go and take this stuff out to look
at it. So, in this kit, we have both the large cords
and the small cords. And something very notable about this kit,
this is the 4-inch kit, 4-inch needle tips, and we can make 12-inch circular, or 16-inch
circulars out of these. Amazing. You only need one set of needles to make a
circular small enough for a hat or big enough for a sweater. Excuse me. And to get back to the needles, I’m so excited
about all the sizes and everything, I forgot to say it. These are gorgeous metal needles with a long
taper and a sharp point. They’re good all-purpose needles, and they’re
short, but they’re not so short that I think it’s going to be awkward to, like, make a
whole sweater with them, or something. Okay. Back to what I was doing. We have the cables that go from 8-inch that’ll
make your 16-inch circulars, up to 22-inch which will make… What is 22 plus 8? Okay. And colorful stitch markers. And then we also have the keys and needle
end stoppers for both the large and the small cords, and then another needle gauge and ruler. And this all… This is the Red Lace kit, is what it’s called. It has that red on there. Everything goes in very nicely into this case. The case is really nice. It reminds me a bit of those quilted bags
that ladies carried in the ’90s, but it’s nice, tturdy zipper, and all that. So, that’s my rundown of these needles. Like I said, I’m using them right now on a
Fair Isle hat project. Really impressed with how they’re working. I really love this cord, the steel with the
plastic around it. Thank you to everyone who asked for a review
on these, which prompted me to get them and give them a try. I am really impressed with this, and again,
with these two needle sets… No, I should tell you the price on these. The mini was $58, the regular was $114. I got mine on Amazon, but if you are a local
in the yarn shop owner and you sell these, feel free to leave a link to your shop in
the comments below, and I’ll make sure that it’s approved by YouTube. It’s a good value for what it is for these
two sets for really high quality needles. Anyway, that’s my review. Good luck.

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