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Knitting Help – Slow Motion 3 Needle Bind-Off

Knitting Help – Slow Motion 3 Needle Bind-Off

In this video, I’m going to demonstrate the
three-needle bind-off in slow motion for very visual learners. If you’d like to see my regular speed three-needle
bind off video, I’ll give you a link. Just click the little “i” in the upper right-hand
corner, And if you’d like to see my entire slow-motion playlist, I’ll also give you a
link there to all the videos that are going in that list. Three-needle bind-off is used for seaming
two pieces together when you have live stitches and it’s different than using the Kitchener
stitch, which is grafting. This actually leaves kind of a ridge, but
it’s pretty easy way of binding off and seaming at the same time. It’s used a lot in shoulder seams or in the
top of hoods, mostly I’m thinking of sweater construction, but it comes up a lot. And so, I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate
that now, let’s go slow-mo. I have my two pieces that I want to seam together
and the right sides are on the inside. The wrong side of the work is facing out on
both pieces. This is going to leave a ridge and we want
the ridge to end up on the inside of the work. I line the two pieces up and with a third
needle, go in as if to knit on the front needle, go in as if to knit on the back needle. And when you first do this, you’ll kinda wish
you had another set of hands, but you’re essentially just knitting them normally. They’re just kinda lined up. So we’ve just joined the two pieces with that
stitch. I’m gonna do the same thing on the next stitch
here, through the front needle, through the stitch on the back needle. Wrap the needle, pull it through the one on
the back, pull it through the one on the front. And now that we have two stitches on the right
needle, we’ll take the tip of our needle and pull it over, one stitch over the other in
a normal bind-off way. Through both stitches. And now take the tip of the needle in my left
hand and pull one stitch over the other so we’re left with one stitch on the needle. [00:02:57]
[Silence] [00:03:33] And you’ll wish you had more hands when you
first start doing this, but you see what I just did with my first finger there, is I
shoved the stitches down with my first finger because to advance the stitches on the needle
would require a third hand or for me to put down the needle in my right hand to advance
the stitches. So I just used my finger to shove the stitches
down a bit further. I guess that’s probably the most challenging
part, is keeping the stitches on both needles in your left hand close to the tip. [00:04:02]
[Silence] [00:04:36] I’m gonna slip that live stitch over onto
the left needle so that I can flip everything around and show you. There is a ridge on the inside. It’s tidy-looking, but there is a ridge and
on the other side of the work, it is beautiful and a strong seam. When you get to the end of the row, you can
just cut the yarn and pull it through the last loop and tighten it up just like you
would any other bind-off. I hope that helps. Good luck.

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