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KNITTING NEEDLE SET REVIEW 💖 Addi Click Interchangeable Circulars

KNITTING NEEDLE SET REVIEW 💖 Addi Click Interchangeable Circulars

Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and thank you for
joining me here at Studio Knit. Today, I want to talk about interchangeable circular needles. So we’ve used circular needles to create hats and I have an
entire video all about how to use them I will link to that in the description
below so the one I bought is called ADDI-CLICK. It’s by a company called Addi and they are based in Germany so we’re going to do a little bit of an unboxing
although I have already unboxed this because I wanted to have a chance to
knit with them and make sure they were as good as I hoped and they actually
exceeded my expectations so let’s take a look so for starters it comes with a
couple of brochures that show you exactly how to use them and they’re in
the languages of German English and French and then the product itself it’s
so cool so check this out it is in sort of like this cute little purse the
company name is embossed right here ADDI CLICK you can sort of see it right there
yep there we go in the light and on the back there’s the zipper that holds some
goodies so let’s go ahead and open it it opens with snaps and it stays tight and
before we get any further we’ll see that they included jewelry so it’s a heart
pin and it has a little rhinestone so I guess we can all wear it and be an ADDI CLICK CLIQUE. I’m not really sure why they added it but it’s very sweet and let’s
keep on opening we’ll see that it’s lined in really pretty satin with
like a pink and green design I’m loving the color of the case it seems like it
only comes in this one color there’s not a color option and then we’ll open it
further we’ll see that this little flap is protecting our needles and here we
have all of the different needle sizes and they’re held in place with elastic
so you can easily take them out put them right back in where they belong just
like that and let’s look at the different sizes that we have so the needles are placed from smaller
to larger and it starts out with size 4 US, which is 3.5 millimeter and the
next size up is size 6 we have size 7, 8, I do a lot of projects with 8
next is 9, 10, and then 10.75. I’ve never used that before I’ve had a 10.5
before probably pretty close. and then it finishes up with 11. If we flip to the
back here are the goodies right here that’s how it comes with three different
lengths of cords the shortest here is 24, and then we have 32, inches and this is
40 inches. I like to knit with size 16 and that doesn’t come in this kit but
they do offer it as an add-on for about ten dollars so I’m going to make sure
that I go over and order that because I love having that size for hats and let’s
take a look at how this all fits together so let’s go ahead and select
our needle size let’s go for the big ones and that is size 11 and then you
select the length of the cord that you’d like I’m going to do the shorter one
here so you’re going to take the cord and your needle and the cord inserts
into the needle right here when you do it you’ll feel that there’s a little
bounce there’s like a little spring in there so just sort of spring it inward a
little bit and twist the cord to the right then it clicks right in there and
to release it you just press straight in twist it the opposite way and it comes
right out now if you’re a little bit sweaty here is why they added these in
so these are little grips that are going to help us with this
process because especially under these lights I’m a little bit all sweaty so
I’m going to try this again I’m going to hold on to the cord I’m going to take my
knitting needle put the cord in to the needle press them just a little bit go
to the right and yes I’m all clicked in and it does not easily come out the way
that you do it you undo it again is just to go in twist the opposite way to the
left and release pretty cool so your kit also comes with one little connector
it’s this little gold bar here at the bottoms let’s take that out and what
that does it is it connects the cords to make an even longer cord so I’m going to
take this one here so that’s just like the needles so you take it put it in and
twist it okay I heard the click I’m nice and connected right there on that one so
we’ll connect this cord right here let’s see if I can do it without the grips
we’ll put it in tightly twist it there we go it’s clicked in nice and tight and
then we have so that’s giving us one so that’s giving us this one cord right
here we go along here’s where our connector
is and then we continue on even longer and so you can make a really nice long
cord especially if you’re using a blanket so if you learn needles are
great for that so let’s go ahead and attach other needle right in let’s in
turn click and so then you have a really long cord with your knitting needles and
you’re good to go so here is my stash of circular needles now some of these are
special to me because they were passed down from my late grandmother who was an amazing knitter but you can see there’s a mishmash I do
not have a good inventory of what I have on hand I have some larger ones and some cute little smaller ones in here so years ago I did purchase an
interchangeable circular needle set and I purchased the cheapest one that I
could find it is totally plastic and I wound up not using it because it
would really the yarn would catch on the little connectors right here and it what
I was knitting it was really easy for them to just kind of come off I’m not
really trying I’m just sort of like accidentally just sort of like
accidentally twisting just a little bit so when I was knitting a lot of times
they would come apart because it just twists to come apart and comes off so I
got really frustrated I’m not even sure why I still have this I think the rest
of all the bits and pieces because it didn’t have a good case those all sort
of found their way into the recycling but I’m glad I have this one to show you
that there are cheaper options out there but you might regret getting them if
they’re not really good quality and if they make knitting more difficult than
easier so the cost to just buy standalone circular needles there’s I
don’t know I’d say maybe approximately about ten dollars but so I have about
twenty right here then what I’ve collected is well over two hundred
dollars worth and I definitely do not have the 24 different combinations for
the projects that I would in the case so when it comes to organization and cost
having an interchangeable circular needle set it definitely wins out so if
you are interested in getting some interchangeable circular needles I
suggest that you first go to your local yarn shop and see what they have and
what they recommend for you and those big-box craft stores I don’t think that
they will have thing of this quality in stock so I am
going to include the online link to purchase this over on Amazon and I have
it in MY AMAZON SHOP so if you’d like you can go check that out I have all of
my favorite knitting items that Amazon currently has I sorted through found
lots of really great items available on Prime so that you can get free shipping
if you’re a Prime member as well as some of the best deals that they have and
really good quality knitting tools for your future projects so I hope my little
overview of how interchangeable circular needles has been hopeful to you again I
have a great tutorial all about how to knit on circular needles I’ll leave that
link down below check out my Amazon Shop I think there’s some items that will be
fun little gifts that you can give to yourself you can add to your wish list
and I will see you next time, Guys. Bye!

22 Replies to “KNITTING NEEDLE SET REVIEW 💖 Addi Click Interchangeable Circulars”

  • Im new to Knitting, it would be amazing if you can make a tutorial on a knitted elephant. My cousin is going through chemotherapy and loves elephants! Thank you

  • Hey, Studio Knitters! Hope you enjoy today’s knitting tool review. Let me know if you’d like to see more by LIKING IT UP! 👍💖

  • Clover actually came out with an interchangeable set. You have to buy all the stuff separately I think. But I have some of their stuff and it is good quality. Either wood or bamboo needles with a smooth joint that screws in. They work great and you can get them at most big box craft stores.

  • I have the Addi turbo clicks interchangeable set and I love them! The tip is blunt, not pointy and I appreciate that. Love good quality metal although I do have plenty of bamboo and wooden needles. When I need a pointier tip for lace I have the Knitters Pride Nova Platina interchangeables and love them too! Thanks for the great review!

  • I have the olivewood ones, and they are like knitting with silky buttery goodness. Prefer them to the knit pros as they don't unscrew when I'm doing tight circular knits

  • I'm surprised that they include the 10.75 (7mm) in the set. I've only seen it in European sets. I love 7mm , it's one of my most used for bulky hats.

  • The big box stores have the clover bamboo set which is very nice, but expensive. Also, very new to Hobby Lobby are knitter's Pride color play wood interchangeables (individuals, not a set) . I picked up 2 sizes and a cable to try out. They feel a little more slippery than the clover bamboo, which I like ( not as slow as the bamboo I have)

  • I purchased a circular needle interchangeable kit from Michaels years ago and love them. They screw together so don't come apart. I think I payed $40 ish about 35 years ago and know they've gone up in price but believe Michaels still carries them.

  • I bought the Lykke interchangeables and I’m a little disappointed because they start unscrewing as I Knut no matter how tight I screw in the pieces. But I love the feel of Lykke so I’ll have to suck it up lol.

  • They look like very nice needles. I bought a couple of sets and have never used straight needles again! You may find that the cord for 16” circulars won’t work on the needle tips in that set. Often, you have to buy another set of short needle tips, for 16” circulars, as otherwise it’s to hard to knit with the longer tips in the set you have there. But, I’m not sure how long those tips are so it may well work 🙂

  • I have a really nice Clover bamboo set with 12 needle sets & 5 cords. It was expensive but I waited until Michael's had a 50% coupon off 1 item & used it so that really helped.  It was a birthday present to myself. 🙂

  • Can you make a video about multicolored yarn/stitch patterns that look good when using multicolored yarn? Please and thank you ☺️ 🧡

  • There is not much talk about the knitting experience. I have a set of addi metal needles with lace tips. The quality is excellent, there is no question about that. Knitting with them is a different story. The tips are not pointy enough to comfortably knit lace weight yarn and the yarn has to be forced over the connection hump. Not so bad with the thinnest needles but the thicker the needle , the worse it becomes ! I am NOT a tight knitter but still find this frustrating ! I ended up buying some needles from Knitpicks called Caspian in wood. They are the needles I now use all the time. The tip is nice and pointy just the way I like. The connection screw together but when tightened with the provided key , there is no problem with them coming apart. Most if all, the yarn needs no forcing over the connection. I am still crying about the wasted money on the addi needles ! I have several fixed addy needles and love them , that’s why I am so disappointed!

  • Hello again! Thank you for your beautiful needles with us! Yo u are beautiful yourself, and you have a very nice disposition.

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