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Laser Equipment Purchase Brings Major Relief For Chiropractic Patients

I got interested in chiropractic when I was about 16 years old and I was inspired to be a doctor. And I wanted to be a doctor that helped people achieve wellness. Many patients come to chiropractors for pain and disability and loss of function and they improve with chiropractic care. We often get patients who only improve so far to a certain baseline. I have had lower back pain for at least 40 years. I would have excruciating pain where I was taking Tylenol and calling saying can I come in and see you. So my colleague and friend Dr. Bob Toda asked me to come in and buy this practice. He was semi-retiring and going back to Hawaii. Dr. Toda had been using lasers for at least 12 years. What really took me over the edge was going to an Erchonia seminar and once I had the education and science behind the laser I was able to commit and got me very excited clinically to help more people. I don’t go to bed at night with back pain since I have had the laser treatments. Six or eight weeks post laser treatment I have no pain in my neck at all. I don’t think I would have been approved for the laser if it wasn’t for Stearns Bank. Other banks were difficult or resistant and Stearns was very open. They’ve had a relationship with Erchonia. They know that the doctors are successful with the laser and they put absolutely no roadblocks for me to help patients more. I felt very well taken care of personally by Stearns. I think that they saw me as an individual not just as an entity. Ellen works in the Equipment Finance Division and she’s used to working with doctors and she was very supportive when she found out that I wanted to finance lasers. And she was encouraging and helpful every step of the way. I’ve already financed another FX635 through Stearns for my other location so it was was an easy choice to go
back to Stearns. Introducing the laser therapy has allowed me to treat people who I couldn’t treat before. Who I can only take so far with chiropractic and now their cells are healing their function is better and the two modalities coincide and support one another. They’ve absolutely allowed this to happen for my patients and they’ve helped change patients lives. And I’m very grateful for that.

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