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Le Cupping en 3 étapes (ENGLISH SUBS AVAILABLE)

Le Cupping en 3 étapes (ENGLISH SUBS AVAILABLE)

Hello everyone! I’m Olivier Bertrand, Chief Operations Officer at Faro Coffee. Today we are going to talk about coffee tasting. I will try to give you a quick explanation of how we do it. First thing to say when we talk about coffee tasting, or cupping, is that we will do it according to a protocol that is standardized and internationally recognized by the SCA. So once we have ground our coffee, this is where the fun begins. We will evaluate the quality and intensity of our dry aromas. Secondly, after leaving our coffee to brew for 3 to 4 minutes – it’s up to you – we will break the crust, that is to say we will take a spoon, we will break the coffee crust that has formed on the top of our cup and we will evaluate the wet aromas. Again, as we did with the dry aromas, we evaluate the quality of the aroma, its intensity, and we will try to characterize it, to write the different smells that we will feel during this olfaction. At the end of the tasting, we will evaluate other elements, such as the balance of the cup and its uniformity. There is also a score given to its clarity and sweetness, and a general score that is awarded if one appreciates or not the sample. Take note: why there are 5 cups when a tasting? It’s to qualify the uniformity of the sample. We want to be certain that we have stability in what we all taste the same thing.

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