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Hi. I’m Jonah, and this is my first YouTube video. [music]
Today, I am going to be reviewing the Adventurer’s Treasure Chachopoyan Fertility Idol by LocoApe. This is an unlicensed replica of the golden
idol from the iconic opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I will say, just to cover my bases, that this
video is not sponsored in any way, since, at the time of this posting, I have zero videos
and zero subscribers – (Hit subscribe below!) – this is just me giving my honest opinion. If you know me, or if you just follow me on
social media, you know that I love Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is my favorite movie of all time, and it
has been ever since I first saw it in the third grade. And, since I first saw it, I’ve coveted that
golden idol. There have been a few versions that were released
over the years, but none that really got me excited except for a high-end version that
costs, like, $200. And while I love the movie and I love that
prop, I’m not really willing to spend that kind of money on something that is just going
to sit on my shelf and look pretty. So when I found out about LocoApe’s version,
I jumped on it immediately. It’s $79.99, with free shipping included,
and I ordered it from Amazon, which was pretty convenient, because it meant that I didn’t
have to outrun a giant boulder to get it. [music] The box, I think, is reasonably attractive,
if that’s the kind of thing that interests you. I was disappointed in the kind of styrofoam
that they used for the packaging because it’s the crumbly stuff, but I guess that’s a relatively
minor complaint. That said, the idol does fit securely in the
packaging, and I have a hard time imagining that if you were to order one, it would ever
arrive to you broken, so there is that. You can see here that I have kind of a hard
time getting the idol to sit upright on that fleece, so I will say that if you order this,
you absolutely need to display it on a hard, flat surface. I almost wish that it had a wider base for
added stability, but not enough that I would want them to sacrifice that screen-accuracy. Like I said, if you display it on a hard surface,
you’re gonna be fine. Now, there are two versions that were used
in the movie: the “hero” version and the stunt version. And this is pretty common practice in Hollywood. The “hero” prop is a more finely detailed
one that is used for close-up shots like this one. You can see that this one actually has inlaid
eyes that, in the original script, were supposed to follow Indy around as he moved, like a
painting in Scooby-Doo. That version of the prop, I believe, was 8
inches tall.The stunt version had golden eyes, just like this one, and was used in shots
like this. It was a little smaller, anywhere from 7 1/2
to 7 3/4 inches. The LocoApe version does sit at 7 inches,
so it is a little smaller than anything used in the movie, but I don’t really think it’s
enough to be noticeable. At least not to the average Indiana Joe. Again, for the price, you really can’t argue
with it. It weighs about two pounds, so it’s got a
nice weight to it. It’s both heavier than I expected and lighter
than I thought, if that makes any sense. The LocoApe version is shiny because it was
vacuum-metallized, and no, not in actual gold, despite what it says on the box. Although that would be awesome. All in all, the vaccuum-metallizing is a pretty
great job, except for a few flaws. There is this weird dealybob thing here in
the hair. But again, it’s going to be sitting on a shelf
behind glass. No one’s ever going to see that. I’m not too worried about it. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this piece. It’s something that I’ve really wanted for
years, and while it’s not cheap, it is definitely more affordable than other versions that are
available.If you’re like me and you don’t wanna shell out that 200 bucks for the really
nice one, you should definitely go with this. And I would do it sooner rather than later
because I don’t know if this is a limited release or what. All I can say is “Good job, LocoApe.” This is a great piece. I can’t wait to get it with the rest of my
collection at home. So that’s it for the first video. It’s short and kind of rough around the edges,
I’m sure, but again, I’m new to YouTube. Be gentle with me. Please go ahead and hit the subscribe button
down below. If you’ve got the LocoApe version of the fertility
idol, please write in the comments and let me know what you think about it. I’d be very curious to hear that. I don’t know what else this channel is going
to entail. We’ll find out together. That’s about it from me today. All I can really say is stay safe, do good,
and be happy. I’ll see ya later.

6 Replies to “LOCOAPE FERTILITY IDOL – Unboxing & Review”

  • Great video. I just ordered in through Amazon a few seconds ago. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I 3D print several Raiders of the Lost Ark items and this will go well with those items. Thanks, Jonah!

  • Great vid thanks for the review i just picked one of these up today. Love it, now ill build the stone circle to put it on.

  • There's a hole at the bottom take the cushion off I filled mine with about 2 lbs of sand I left a little bit of space stuff that with tissue put the cushion back on now it feels great

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