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Lung Cancer Survivor Moves the Needle Again (Jussuf Kaifi, MD)

Lung Cancer Survivor Moves the Needle Again (Jussuf Kaifi, MD)

Brenda Duncan has spent a lot of time in
CT machines like this one, ever since she developed a cough that
just wouldn’t go away. “I wasn’t able to keep conversation going without a cough,
and then wasn’t able to keep my breath. It would totally take my breath away.”
Brenda’s scans showed a concerning problem – a slowly growing spot on her
left lung. “Shock. Never a smoker, right?” In fact, though, 20 percent of women who develop
lung cancer have never smoked. Brenda had stage 2 cancer that needed to be removed.
“We removed the lower lobe on the left side, which is about 50 percent of the left lung,
so quite a bit.” At University of Missouri Health Care, Dr. Jussuf Kaifi performed
the minimally-invasive robotic surgery using a device like this one. “The
recovery is much faster for patients, because you don’t have the rib-spreading
and the large incision, so patients recover real fast. They can leave the
hospital within one to three days.” Within months, Brenda could walk without
wheezing. She wanted to say thank you to the man she believes saved her life,
sewing this quilt in Dr. Kaifi’s favorite color. “The center is supposed to
be representative of love, right? I wanted to make him something to show him that I
appreciated the time that he spent with me as a patient, because I think that he
went above and beyond.” Her gratefulness evident in every stitch. From the
University of Missouri, I’m Teresa Snow.

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