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M.E. – Poisonous Wind # 127 [Lyrics in the description/CC]

M.E. – Poisonous Wind # 127 [Lyrics in the description/CC]

None of this new to me, carry the blade like
a Dragunity These Harpies’ netdeck and go for the lost
opportunity Totem Birds they not fly, they get killed,
when I shoot’em out the sky like the musket, Castel I Follow the Wind like when the wind blows Pulling it out the Side when I’m equipped
and the thing goes Pop Pop like Twin Twisters and I’m the Storm
Shooter Chest on your lap, top folded like a com-puter Don’t tell me Wendigo, you’ll end up dead with no limbs
With only your body, no legs and no head, that’s a Kazejin F.A. sucker thinkin he gonna come out on top with a win I’mma smoke him like the purple card of a Vortex Dragon That’s not powder when I got the Stardust on the table, that’s just Synchro This a Poisonous Wind, when my Quill Pen injects like a Killer Needle When I deploy, these Speedroids, I destroy, I leave boards, like clean floors,
No trash on the field, only skilled to leave my opponent ignored

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