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Married To Medicine: Mariah Has Receipts On Dr. Heavenly’s Husband Cheating? (S6, E4) | Bravo

Man, [bleep]
Quad. Like we can’t be sisters
’cause we argue? I’m sick of it, man. I’m trying too hard! – You are, you’re trying
for the bitch and I see you. – We’ve been acting like this
for what, six years? – Six years.
Fake as [bleep]. – I ain’t always right, I’ll
be the first one to say. – Letting that
sh– pass. – If you could forgive
her for the lies she told on you and
the fights– – I’ve told lies–
– Yes you did! You know you did. Come on now, we not gon’ have
this conversation. But for you to
forgive her, we should all be able
to forgive. We all got to be able
to forgive. Mariah had everybody
believing that Toya said something horrible about
her daughter. And then beat her ass
by the pool. – Mother —ing
hands bitch! Nah bitch! – I cannot even believe
this is happening. – Toya has a more
forgiving spirit then I ever had. But anyway, if you could
forgive her– – Heavenly can
I talk now? – I don’t want to hear
sh– you got to say. – And I ain’t got to hear the
sh– you got to say. – I really don’t.
I really don’t. – What just
happened? – I don’t know. – Heavenly, I think you’re
just mad at Quad. – Heavenly. – Y’all ain’t right, man. – What is wrong with
us today? – Heavenly is really
upset with Quad. So she’s projecting
on me. It’s bullsh–. – What’s going on,
babe? – Thank you for inviting
me to your fun party. – This is a beautiful
party. I’m the only one
eating. – I need to go back to
my therapist. – When did we start
being separate? – We’re not separate. – What is this?
What is this? – We’re trying to get it
together, baby. – This is working? – All I was saying was if
Toya could forgive, then anybody should be able
to forgive, that’s all. – Why is everything
against me. – Tell her. – That you lie, you– – I don’t! But this is what I’m not gonna
take on– – Do you have receipts on my
husband? – I do. – That’s a lie.
– It’s not a lie. – It’s a lie.
– It’s not a lie. – Just because your
husband cheated, don’t mean mine did. You ain’t got no —-ing
receipts on my– you’re a liar! My therapy ain’t
there yet. I need to go for some more
sessions before I can deal with a bitch
lying in my house. – Let me tell you
something about me. Bitch I come with receipts and
mother—ing invoices! – Please bring the
receipts! – I’ll come with receipts and
mother—ing invoices! – You’s a lying,
dirty bitch! I don’t even do liars
like that. – You a mother
—-ing liar! – You a lying, dirty,
bitch! – Your mama! – I know what my
mama is. Do you know what your
dirty, ugly ass mama is? – Please, no more
“yo mama” jokes, okay? Poor Mama Lucy. – Take her in
the house! – Bitch, your house
nasty! Wash this mother—er! You done set us all up for
mother—ing contamination! – Mariah. – This nasty ass
house! [laughter] Oh! Dem’s fighting words.

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