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Medicine 2020: The meeting of medical minds

Medicine 2020: The meeting of medical minds

Hi Cheng-Hock. Have you seen the latest developments on Medicine 2020? Our annual conference this year is looking to be bigger and better then ever. Bod you’re speaking to the right person here. You know what? Why don’t I just show you! Welcome the heart of Medicine 2020! So, this is where you’ve been hiding. Looks like you’ve been busy though. Tell me more! Look at the number of physicians attending. There will be over 1000! It looks like they will be coming from across the world, representing trainees all the way up to…. Senior physicians like us? *chuckles* And look here, it looks like they will be representing 33… no, hang on, 34… no, 35 different specialties! And look over there. Does that say… 15 CPD points? That’s a lot, and it must be the most of any RCP conference in 2020? Oh look, here we are… Ahhhhh, just where I want to be! It feels great to be back at the RCP’s annual conference. It sure does! Medicine 2020, the meeting of medical minds.

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