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Meet Best Practice Medicine: Loren Deichman Interview

Meet Best Practice Medicine: Loren Deichman Interview

Hi. My name is Loren Deichman. I am co-owner
and Chief Operating Officer of Best Practice Medicine. I began in 911 response and quickly
transitioned into critical care medicine as a flight paramedic in New Mexico and West
Texas. From there, I began my career as an educator, first as a faculty member and then
later as a faculty administrator for an accredited paramedic education program. Ben, Joe and
I founded Best Practice Medicine because we shared a common experience throughout our
careers. We watched good people make bad decisions, not because they were incompetent but because
they didn’t have access to quality meaningful education.
Best Practice Medicine exists to improve patient outcomes, the healthcare providers’ confidence
and competence and health system performance. Our vision is a world where all clinicians
are thoroughly prepared for emergencies. Even if you’re not planning on beginning a career
in medicine, you and the people around you would absolutely benefit from you being prepared
on how to deal with injuries and illness. Actions such as CPR, bleeding control techniques
and use of auto injectors are most effective within a short time frame, in many cases before
professional healthcare arrives. It may only take several hours of your time to learn from
an experienced instructor. If you are planning a career in medicine, becoming an EMT is a
great place to start. Many of our graduates have continued on to paramedic PA nursing
in medical schools. Our EMT program is designed to prepare candidates to become active responders
in their communities but not just for Gallatin County, but for anywhere in rural Montana,
thanks to our hybrid distance education program, which is specifically designed to bring our
education to you. My best memories as a paramedic revolve around
being able to be the advocate for my patient, even in the simple things, from providing
effective pain control or being able to listen to them and put them at ease. Off the call,
I would say the camaraderie is something I haven’t been able to find in any other industry.
Thanks for tuning in. Check out the website in the link below for upcoming classes. I
look forward to seeing you.

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