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Mindfulness with Jeremy Hunter

Mindfulness with Jeremy Hunter

[music] Hi, I’m Jeremy Hunter. I teach the
mindfulness suite of classes at the Weatherhead School’s Executive Education
Program. I think when people hear the word mindfulness they default to either
stress reduction or being zened out. I think the assumption is that it’s
about escaping the world at some level. The way I approach teaching mindfulness
is actually completely different. It’s about instead of escaping the intensity
of the world it’s about diving into the intensity of
the world and using the chaos of your daily life as a way to cultivate self
awareness, self management, and ultimately self transformation. If you’ve taken any
of our classes on emotional intelligence I think you’ll find that these are a
natural add-on and we’ll build on what you’ve already learned there. Furthermore
if you’ve been a member of our Leadership Deep Dive program my classes
are designed to build off of what you’ve learned. The reasoning why, why should you
be interested in mindfulness is because something that no one ever tells us. It’s
like the in the back page of the manual on being human there’s a little asterisk
that says, oh by the way most of the time something like 90 percent of the time
for the optimists you’re on automatic pilot right but nobody ever tells you
that, let alone gives you tools for how to deal with that reality. One researcher
thinks that at any given moment you’re the human nervous system can absorb
something like 11 million bits of information per second, but how much
would you guess of that 11 million bits is your that you’re consciously aware of?
Would you think million, 10 million ,10 million, a million, a hundred thousand? The
actual number is somewhere between 40 and 120. So, you’ve got this much non
conscious process and you’ve got this much conscious process. Now, how do you
deal with that? The implication of that is that your thinking, your biases, your
emotional reactions, your assumptions, and judgments, and expectations are all
largely non conscious reactions and nobody ever really tells you that
and so those can affect your action and the results and even in the sense of
what choices you have and and oftentimes people don’t even realize they’re being
driven by these processes. So, what mindfulness does is is – it’s a tool for
making the non conscious, conscious and by making those things conscious they’re
amenable to choice and in the past what my students tell me is that what what I
learned from this, they say, is that I’ve learned how to create options for myself.
For myself, for my team, my organization, my family, the full whereas before I
couldn’t see any options ahead of me. What what we’ll do is there will not be
a helping healthy serving of meditating. What we’re going to do is focus on how
do you implement these things in your daily life, at the meeting, on the phone
call with your kids, with your spouse right. So, it’s pragmatically oriented to
be usable even immediately after you know walking out the door after our
session. So, why I think you should do this is that if you don’t have tools to
deal with the fact that we are operating largely on automatic pilot,
you’re leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. That you’re not, you’re not in
the product in the position of really cultivating what you’re capable of as a
leader and in my experience of 15 years of teaching this, when we, when people
start to really understand and practice how these tools work, things open up for
them that they couldn’t imagine in the beginning. So, I look forward to seeing
you. I hope you will come and join us. We have a lot of fun in the class and and
that you’ll find that the day we learned the tools is the day we can use them. So,
take care and hope to see you soon. Thanks

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