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Mommy Makeover Surgery NYC Case Study #2

Mommy Makeover Surgery NYC Case Study #2

This is Dr. Carlin Vickery. I am a Board Certified
plastic surgeon with 30 years experience practicing in New York.
The following video will cover a candidate who has undergone a Mommy Makeover surgery. Photographs will include some nude shots of
surgical sites. Reviewing this video will give you an indepth understanding of the surgical
procedure and ideal surgical results. NYC Patient Considering a Mommy Makeover This is a 32 year old woman who came seeking
improvement in her breasts and her abdomen following three pregnancies. During her pregnancies
the patient states that she had lost the tone and the volume of her breast and that her
breasts had dropped down from their more youthful position. Additionally the patient, despite
exercise and diet, had persistent laxity and protrusion of her lower abdomen such that
she was frequently mistaken for being pregnant, postpartum. If one looks at her first picture, you see
that looking at her breasts, her breasts have a slope onto the abdomen and she has large
nipples and areolas and there is very little fullness in the upper portion of her chest
wall. Additionally there is some asymmetry between the two breasts. In her abdominal
area you see that she in fact looks as though she is approximately 4 to 5 months pregnant
with protrusion of the skin and the fat from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen. The next slide focuses on her breasts. Again
you can see the large dimensions of her nipple and areola, you see the asymmetry and you
also appreciate that the droopiness of her breasts has extended onto her abdominal wall. Focusing on her abdomen, the umbilicus is
widened and this is reflective of the fact that the musculature of her abdominal wall
has spread on palpation there is approximately a two and half inch space between the natural
position of her rectus abdominous muscles. In order to achieve strong abdominal support
the patient will require not only removal of the excess skin and fat but she will also
have to have a corset like tightening of her rectus abdominous muscles from the top to
the bottom of her abdomen and along the mid line of her umbilicus (also known as a Tummy
Tuck.) The oblique position again demonstrates the
protrusion of her abdomen and the pregnancy like state despite the fact that she is postpartum. And the full side view likewise demonstrates
the laxity of her abdomen and loss of abdominal lobe, core strength and muscle support. In this photograph you have both the pre and
post operative photographs. The left side demonstrates the preoperative photograph in
which the muscles are spread and she has lost abdominal wall integrity. Post operatively
the patient has a scaphoid flat abdomen, the muscles have been returned to their anatomical
position with the corset like suturing that has been performed at the time of surgery
and the excess skin form the pregnancy has been removed through an incision which is
well hidden by the bikini line. The frontal view likewise demonstrates this
improvement, the abdomen is now flat and bikini ready, the belly button is the smaller size
and is no longer stretched out, and you can appreciate the underline abdominal wall musculature
in the center portion of her abdomen which now represents natural core strength. Focusing on her breasts, the patient underwent
placement bilateral breast implants in order to achieve fuller volume in the superior portion
of her breasts, additionally the patient had resizing of her nipple and areola complexes
and tightening of the skin envelope so that the breasts have greater volume and more youthful
tone and shape. This is the end of the video presentation.
I hope it has furthered your understanding of Mommy Makeover Surgery.

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