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More than Medicine | Tina Cheng

[MUSIC] Very early on I knew that I
wanted to be a physician. I worked at the hospital as
a volunteer in high school delivering flowers or working in the gift shop,
those kinds of experiences. This is actually my School Years
book that my parents kept starting from kindergarten
through high school. What I think was interesting
is there’s a section that says when I grow up I want to be. For each of the years, I always
checked off the other box and wrote in doctor. [MUSIC] Good luck.>>Hi.
>>Hi.>>I see patients in our clinics
here, and I love that, and that really informs
my research and my thinking around what
do we need to do to, not just affect the patient
that I’m seeing today, but affect the children and
families in the community. Was he born with
this head of hair?>>Yeah.>>He’s got great hair.>>Thank you.>>We can take care of the
health issues that come in with. But a lot of the health
issues really are rooted in family issues and what’s
happening in the community and what we call social
determinants of health, not just the biologic
determinants of health. And then for the first half an
hour, we’re in this [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] My work in health disparities
has involved starting a couple of centers to really
focus on health equity and health disparities. A center that I helped start
with a team of really committed people is Centro SOL, which is
the Johns Hopkins center for SALUD. Meaning Health And
Opportunity for Latinos. And the Centro SOL was really
established the needs of the growing Latino
community in Baltimore. Hopkins I think has been
a great platform to innovate on how do we provide better
healthcare and improve health, how do we redesign our
health care services. How do we think about
integrating the community in the work that we do. I’m Tina Cheng and I promise to work tirelessly to
interrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantaged and
to ensure health equity. [MUSIC]

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