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Needle AddictioN – I Peli Sulla Lingua

Needle AddictioN – I Peli Sulla Lingua

Excuse me, do you have any change? It’s for the tube… Excuse me, madam, can you give me some change, for the tube? No Please… do you have any change for the tube? Please… Please… Shit! Ehy! Violato, don’t you know me? Come on, Violly, I’m Ugo! Ugo! From high school! Come on, man! Ugo! H-hi, how are you? I’m great, man, don’t I look great? Well… Yes… What do you do? So-some projects… I’m doing things… Good for you! You’re still… I mean.. You’re still at the… At the post office… Post office, right! That’s great Violly! Well, it’been nice to meet… Listen man it’s not like you have some change? For the tube? What?! No, no.. I don’t have any change, I… Playing it cool with your friends, ah!? We’re not friends! Come on Violly!! It’s for the tube! I have… I have to go to work… Don’t call me “Violly” Sure! I think I know what is for… What?! That’s what you think, ah?! Look what’s the shit done to you, man… I’m super fit, man! I really have to go… Come on man, please! Violly! Come on! Don’t touch me… Get off! Christ! You’re the b-best Violly! What the fuck! Yeaaaaaah!! Sixty yeaaaaah!! Sixty! Excuse me… excuse me! Can you give me…

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