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Your Stitchbox presents: What is a Neeleminder? Hello! I am Andrea from youStitchbox.com. In this video I’ll show you: What is a needleminder… …where to get a needleminder… …and how to DIY a needleminder 😄 A needleminder is a great accessoire for your stitching projects. But beware: No one ever says ” One is enough” If you don’t have a minder, your needle hangs on the thread… … or you push it through the fabric… … or your needle just lays somewhere. That’s when you likely loose it. Worst case: You find it a few days later in your bottom ^^ But to avoid that you have your needleminder! A needleminder has two parts: The needleminder… …which contains a magnet or is magnetic itself. And a back part which is a piece of metall or another magnet. Just lay your needleminder on the fabric… …and the back part on the other side of the fabric… …aaaaand…. …now you can mind your needle 😄 So, where to get a needleminder? There is a huge variety of needleminder shops e.g. on etsy. Or you take a look in my facebook shop facebook.com/Needleminder Check out the “One of a Kind” Needleminder. All one of a kind: For example this one, made of ceramic. Personalized needleminder are very popular. Your unique photo needleminder. For example with your family or your beloved pet. 😍 But you can also do it yourself or… …get a fridge magnet. They also have a magnet on the back. These are socalled Ferrit magnets. Unfortunately they are not very strong. But with another magnet for the back, you can use it as a needleminder. You can use it, but you don’t have to ^^ And now i’ll show you, how to make your own needleminder 😊. You’ll need for example some buttons… Buttons with a flat back and front are suitable. I like this one. And you needle socalled Neodynium magnets. You can find them in different shapes and dimensions e.g. on amazon. They are very strong. To separate them, here’s the trick: Slip them. Beware, they are strong and you may hurt yourself when they snap together! They are NOT for children! When they snap together they easily can break so beware. They have a strong magnetic field so don’t put them near pacemaker, kredit cards or electronic devices. You also need a glue. This one is for juwelry but any strong glue will do it. Now take your button and put some glue on the back… …and press the magnet on the back. Let it dry. Here I’ve prepaired another button. Which you can put on your fabric, like any other needleminder. With another magnet on the back of the fabric. Perfect, that’s it! And the needle stays where she belongs. This was the first video about needleminders but there are many other ways to make your own 😉. Visit my facebook shop to order your “One of a Kind” Needleminder If you want to get more information how to make your very special needleminder… …comment and like this video and SUBSCRIBE! 😍 See you and HAPPY STITCHING!

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